doane wrote on 3/29/2018, 2:19 PM

These are very informative and I appreciate the work put into them. My only complaints would be perhaps a bit more preparation would help as there are often mistakes made, or confusion by the narrator requiring backtracking. There is also too much time spent on explaining things that don't require it which makes it tedious to watch. Finally, better quality microphones would help with the sound quality. But, there is a lot to be learned here and it's very helpful, especially to beginners like me. Thank you.

Doreen-Wade wrote on 4/21/2020, 3:57 AM

I have watched many of these tutorials but I can't find an explanation for why when I make use a template, then I cut and paste text into a column or a text box, it changes the width of the page in the page & layout view. I can not find out if I am doing something wrong. If I can't cut and paste then I have to type things and this software becomes useless. Can I get guidance or direction to a tutorial