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Update 8-4-2010
So. Here we are in 2010 and what is new? Not much really. I am still hard at work at the college, and have applied myself to getting on the certification bandwagon. I don't make as much music as I used too, but I still post old pieces now and then, or try an idea out. Thanks for listening all this time!

Update 4/9/2009
Hello again. So, I am still working at the college, and doing some contract work at some offices in town. The job situation right now is crapola, so no new prospects at the moment. I am still enjoying life though...why not?

Update 1/24/07
It's a new year and this semester is already a tough one! Not much time to track any music, so most of my posts will be from the archives. I wanted to thank all who have reviewed and commented on my tunes...I don't always get back to you, but it is MOST appreciated! Greetings in advance....

Update 9/4/07
Wow. Down to 4 classes to finish my degree:D. I am mostly reposting stuff these days, with an occasional new mix that I put up. Thanks again for all of your votes, but even more for all your comments and listening to my trumped up elevator tunes:). God Bless
you all and keep making great music in here!!

Update 5/10/08
Shew! Finished my degree(minus a internet course) and got a job doing work-study at my school, so I actually am working with computers that matter =D. I may be working at a local school system as a computer tech if all goes well. Thanks to all who visit and rate and comment and.....well, you know who you are =D.

Update 6/6/08
Well, folks, looks like Magix is gonna shut this place down too. I have had a great time, and will continue to listen to your music and watch your vids. Hope to see some of you on the other side =D....

Update 8/30/2008
Well, the old site is gone (again, sheesh). I am working ridiculous hours at my job right now....if your boss ever says "Hey, I think we should migrate our servers!" RUN AWAY =D. I set up a Magix album site that should let me put up some pics and music.

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