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As long as I can remember I have liked music, as a form of entertainment, anti-depressiva, a form of joy and exaltation; depending on the music and the mood I was in. How could it be that a certain sequence and duration of tones could have such an effect. Was there an amplifying and amalgamation of the vibrations or was it that those great composers had received a gift from god, I do not know what it is but I am grateful for it.
At highschool I started to play the guitar and for a number of years I have played in a band 'The Extremes' they were not that successful, but at least the name was ok (think of 'Extreme').
The last 6 years I have played on a keyboard, just for fun but when I play on an instrument automatically I start to make my own compositions. For yourself you think it is good, but you do not know for sure. So I think the community of Magix is a fine way to find out if it is any good.

If you like it and give stars for it I THANK YOU THIS WAY (not via your profil) and WILL VISIT YOUR SITE (eventually; out of curtacy) . And if you do not like it I am not happy about it, but I don't stop playing music.

My Magix/c web-site (sorry, have to update it):

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