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Siggi-M schrieb am 17.10.2022 um 15:44 Uhr

Hello Jinty, my faithful music companion. Thank you very much for your nice comments.


Vio-Project schrieb am 11.10.2022 um 19:21 Uhr

Hi Jinty!

I am very pleased that you liked my 80s Italo song - thank you very much for your kind words! 😍👍

LG by Sylvio 😎

Roy. schrieb am 11.10.2022 um 16:45 Uhr

Hi Jinty,

thank you very much for your many comments...

Best regards,


Vio-Project schrieb am 07.10.2022 um 18:11 Uhr

Hi Jinty! Thank you very much for your good rating of my track "Relax"! 👍👌

LG by Sylvio 😎

Semelles-de-Vent schrieb am 05.10.2022 um 10:53 Uhr

Merci beaucoup, Jinty, pour ce commentaire si gentil, qui me fait vraiment plaisir!!😄🙏🙏

Vio-Project schrieb am 04.10.2022 um 19:04 Uhr

I would like to say a big thank you to you! I am very pleased that you liked my dance track "Homecomming". 😀👍👌👏

LG by Sylvio 😎

cmartin schrieb am 02.10.2022 um 20:45 Uhr


Thank you for your nice comments.

LG Chris

Die_Creative schrieb am 01.10.2022 um 19:52 Uhr

Thank you Jinty for Comment of my Ambient. Lg Tine 🙂

eMGe schrieb am 16.09.2022 um 09:12 Uhr

Hi Jinty,

Thanks for comment my track ´No way out´. was very pleased.


Vio-Project schrieb am 06.09.2022 um 19:57 Uhr

Thank you very much Jinty, for rating my pop song "With You" so well! 👍👌

LG by Sylvio 😎