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MitchSoul (real name Christopher Mitchell) was born in Brooklyn, NY and resides here all of his life. His passion for music started from when he was 11 years old, he wanted to be involved in playing piano or any instrument, but his parents could not afford lessons. At 17, he sang in The Refuge Church Of God Choir, the very same church he grew up in as a child, at that very same age he gave his life to Jesus as his saviour & Lord. He learned to play by ear as he grew older, from there on he progressed to venture out on his own to learn every chord and even accidentals while playing for Christian Heritage Church band who called themselves "Frontline", it was a six member sextet which later had a female trio added to the group, it disbanded about 1995. It was also where he joined the Christian Heritage Church Choir and sang for the first time, he was with the choir until 1996. MitchSoul started to compose, write & record in 2003 after a 7 year hiatus. He established Soul M Poetrywerks in 2000, and Soul M ArtWerks in 2003 which consists of Poetry and Photography which he had learned from his days at Kingsborough Community College. On September 29th 2005, Soul M Entertainment is born, It innovates in the genres of Gospel, Smooth Jazz, Soul & Urban R n' B.

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