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Zu meiner Person

I am from Australia, I bought Magix music maker 2014 as the desire to get out the music that has been playing in my head for many years consumed me. I have never learnt an instrument, but was the singer in a band formed by best mates, some 15-20 yrs ago. We never pursued the dream to its potential due to life and love getting in the way. Magix music maker helped me realize the dream of making my own music and remaking the songs of my old band. I have created, produced and mastered my very own home made album. Breed 2.0. Since then I have continued to create original songs that flow within my mind. I love heavy music mostly but anything that has artistic integrity and comes from the heart I will appreciate.

Meine Interessen

Writing and making music, NBA basketball, Gaming, Hanging out with my wife and son.

Meine Signatur

The only instrument that is not from Magix music maker are my vocals. 

No other soundpools used but FX.