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I am a friendly musician/artist/writer and activist who is looking to connect with some fellow musicians/creative peoples. One just to connect and perhaps make some new friends, but also two, I wrote these songs and would really really love to find some vocalists who would be willing to record the vocals. Nothing fancy neccesary (though if you have fancy, by all means.) I'll send you the instrumental mp3, lyrics and then via webcam you can record it via youtube. Please contact me if you are interested. I've recorded the vocals just for the sake of having the vocals, but some of the songs just aren't in my range. (I am physically disABLEd, so if there any other disabled creative folk at there, woot. let's chat)

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music, writing, art, photography, computers, activism (LGBT, disabled, civil rights, anti-war and more), crytpozoology, spirituality, reading, and just enjoying life.

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