echoed past

oceanviewunderground escrito el 04.01.AM a las 07:45 horas

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I did this piece a long time ago (almost 30 years)at a friends apt that he recorded. I saw him a few weeks ago and he mentioned this music and showed it to me (uh was a party he threw and we were all blasted, didn't even remember doing this! lol)...well...I listened and I told him that I would rework the music. And so here it is....HAVE A WONDERFUL 2017! 🎼🎼


rollii1953 escrito el 04.01.AM a las 08:24 horas

Sehr guter Sound und sauberer Aufbau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👌

waalfred escrito el 04.01.AM a las 10:04 horas

😊 That´s the stuff we need - if it´s recorded somewhere in a garage or a basement, it sounds really good 👍🔝

bye 🙋

samp escrito el 04.01.AM a las 10:20 horas

I LOVE the rhythm! Great!

LG s

Antiguo usuario escrito el 04.01.AM a las 11:57 horas

sound exellent rithmic and melody very nice, i appreciate this song



Nickillus escrito el 06.01.PM a las 15:31 horas

Wow OVU. Impressive that you must have done this as a toddler. You're only about 32, right? Worrying that you were blasted though - not good for the under fives (read that somewhere).

Great track, whatever state you were in, or age you were at, when it was conceived. Super performances, with some wonderful guitar tones. Prog/rock heaven. Super start to 2017. Thanks for that.


oceanviewunderground escrito el 06.01.PM a las 17:49 horas

Thank you! I'm 48...