Nickillus escrito el 18.06.PM a las 14:58 horas

Immaculate work again, Franco.  Simply superb electronica.  The arp's are wonderfully arranged.  Great, driving energy to the piece with undertones of Jarre sounds.

Mr-Funbeat escrito el 25.06.AM a las 00:25 horas

Great music , high tempo and big synth sound 

stuallan escrito el 25.08.PM a las 19:05 horas

Hi Franco,

 From the first notes, the smile on my face was bigger than shown here! I loved the intricate synth work, driving beat and overall compostion. Excellent work in transporting us to outer space. You be sure to come back, we need more of your music  here on earth! LOL.




Musikfreundin escrito el 08.11.PM a las 16:01 horas

Super, die geht ab. Gefällt mir sehr gut Fav rein 

LG Vera