Love Is Here To Stay

gospelbj1 escrito el 14.05.AM a las 00:49 horas

This is another of my archived pieces.  Very simple song...built on a 2 chord change throughout the whole song.  The challenge was figuring out what to do with a "2 Chord" song without having it sound redundant.  I believe the finished product was worth the challenge.  Let me know what you think!



Antiguo usuario escrito el 14.05.AM a las 03:26 horas

Hi Brenda:

Hmmmnn...  "A two-chord change". Some of the most beloved songs, within the past 30 years or so, have leapt into the public musical consciousness with minimal chords as a backdrop to a wider melodic theme.  Fear not, Brenda;  within this piece, is a delightful (pianistic) melodic structure that tantalizes (my jaded ear). 

I've played around with minimalist chords that were (foundationally) a backdrop to a larger, more expansive, theme. 

Without droning on and on.  I love this piece.  As a matter of fact, it reminds me (conceptually) of some of the pieces I've done in times past.

You're a truly gifted artist...


TetleyAnderton escrito el 14.05.AM a las 03:39 horas

Brenda, you made another lovely piece.  

info4u2 escrito el 14.05.AM a las 09:48 horas

Simple, gentle, relaxed, sensitive, beautifully played tune. Well done


Antiguo usuario escrito el 14.05.AM a las 11:20 horas


sounds good. relaxing. good work!!


By Horstfe

Trommel-Herbert escrito el 14.05.PM a las 12:03 horas

Liebe, Wärme, Geborgenheit ist das was ich fühle bei dieser Musik.



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Starless Friend Ich kommentiere vorrangig nur Beiträge, meiner Freunde und Kontakte.
Sorry, aber sonst bleibt mir keine Zeit mehr um Musik zu machen.
Grund: Zeitproblem (6 Tage 12-14 Stunden Job).

MuggeMaker escrito el 14.05.PM a las 13:53 horas

Hello Brenda,

what a wonderful piece of music. 

The Drums could be a bit louder, but the rest is simply great!

Kind regards


Spartano escrito el 14.05.PM a las 17:33 horas

Sehr schöne Relaxe Musik,

Sehr gerne angehört,

Lg, von Spartano!

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Mein Künstler name ist Spartano 301, meine Freunde nennen mich Joachim, meine Jahrelange Erfahrung in der Musik ist das abmischen ( Mastern ) der Musik.

Mein Musikstill ist sehr breit gefächert, Trance, Dance, Pop, und Rock.

Musik ist für mich ein wichtige Teil meines Lebens, und es macht Spaß immer neue Musiker kennen zu lernen,

lg, von Joachim.


Antiguo usuario escrito el 15.05.PM a las 13:36 horas

Hi Brenda

What a nice song to wake up to! Mellow and somewhat unpredictable.;  The strings add a lot and  you did a great job on the bass (Which is something that I frequestly over look),

Overall, I think you did another fantastic on this delightful, smooth jazz  song


Antiguo usuario escrito el 15.05.PM a las 19:01 horas

Music always is neat, refined and soft tones, the whole song to listen to.
I would say great music and I say this with all my heart and sincerity can


AugeAugeAuge escrito el 15.05.PM a las 21:05 horas

Absolut entspannend, sehr gerne gehört!!!!!

TommyG escrito el 16.05.AM a las 09:21 horas

Hi Brenda,

It`s not important, how many chords you use, but how to work out these chords, so that the song remains interesting in spite of the fact, there are only two chords.

You did a wonderful Piano-Job over the two chords, so that nobody would know there are only two chords, when you hadn`t tell it.

Thanks for this ballad, sounds totally relaxed and smooth.


Father_of_Joy escrito el 16.05.AM a las 11:55 horas

Even with only 2 chords it's varied, interesting and simply beautiful! 

Edi-no1 escrito el 17.05.PM a las 16:10 horas

Hi Brenda,

a beautiful song as always. Maybe simple but also a  very subtle and emotional.

Great job!!!



nafets. escrito el 17.05.PM a las 17:14 horas

genieße immer sehr Deine musik....wundervoll und wie Edyta schon meinte....emotional geladen !

in meinen augen eine herzensgute und perfekte musikerin !



Nickillus escrito el 19.05.PM a las 19:18 horas

Your musicality and skill always ensure wonderful listening experiences, no matter what challenges you seem to set yorusef, Brenda.  This has real class in its performance of course, but is packed with subtle emotional nuances throughout.  Lovely.

Antiguo usuario escrito el 20.05.PM a las 18:44 horas

Salut Brenda

Superbe photo , un rêve et des fois , il y a encore de l'émotion pure : il faut chercher surtout maintenant . C'est un détail !

Superbe musique " Comme d'habitude " et qui disait Frank Sinatra ou Claude François , etc ..... !!      = 5*

Excellent job

Best regards Tony

stuallan escrito el 21.05.PM a las 18:41 horas

Hi Brenda,

Beautifully smooth and flowing. Gracefully lulled me into a relaxed mood, just what I need!

I do believe that you could make a one chord song sound great!


Best Regards,


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Gryami escrito el 31.05.AM a las 11:44 horas

Hi BC,

And yet another track that display your keyboard skills.  I thought perhaps the snare drum could have benn pushed back a little, but that's just my opinion.  You have created a relaxing mood which makes a very pleasant listen.




emacor escrito el 10.06.PM a las 22:59 horas

Hi Brenda:

Wow ... you can consider this a very simple song, but let me tell you that, to me, this is an amazing work.... and this mde me remind me that we don't need anything very elaborated or complicated to make a master pice.... sometimes we just need two chords!!!!!

Really a great work!!!!!

All the best to you


Antiguo usuario escrito el 31.08.PM a las 16:17 horas

Es un placer escuchar aqui...Hay un tipo de yazz que no comprendo,pero si esto es yazz tengo que decir que me gusta mucho el yazz,Aqui en españa hay un tipo de yaz que es fuera de armonia a mis oidos duros,,,Pero esta clase de yazz si es para mi,encantado de escuchar....Veo que hay muchas visitas y pocos comentarios,diria que no es justo...Pero asi es este tiempo....INJUSTO...En 3:5 metes el palo en la caja de percusion y realza y ensalza esta hermosa gusto mucho.