Girl escrito el 30.05.PM a las 18:02 horas

very interesting sounds and rhythms, sometimes a bit like Samba. Very well done. Great compliment ........

Best regards+++++


LG Sigrid

Barusse escrito el 30.05.PM a las 18:51 horas

lot of research to original results

thierrychoppin escrito el 30.05.PM a las 19:26 horas

Hello Datamix


Very interesting melting of sounds.


This is a very good beat and rythm.


I like it






Antiguo usuario escrito el 30.05.PM a las 20:26 horas

Usted sabe, yo soy a veces muy críticos.
Echo de menos aquí en persona, la variedad.

saludos a usted






mohnysh escrito el 30.05.PM a las 21:27 horas

why not sir we all like it because this music is from mr data mix a beautiful music director i like it 5*

Antiguo usuario escrito el 30.05.PM a las 21:48 horas

UN ritmo nuovo? Forse ricorda e sà un po D'Africa, sono daccordo con papajeff. Comunque è molto bello e anche ambientato molto bene. Come sempre molto originale. Ciao - A new rhythm? He/she perhaps remembers a rhythms Of Africa, I am daccordo with papajeff. However it is very beautiful and also ambientato very well. As always very original. Hi -

bluebox escrito el 31.05.AM a las 09:06 horas

Nice Music.



B59fly escrito el 31.05.AM a las 09:36 horas

   Creo que eso es una gran idea, me gusta eso.

Saludos Brigitte

MartinJr escrito el 31.05.PM a las 22:58 horas

Why can my pressure cooker only fizzle but never make such nice music? I will go and exchange it! ;-)

Flazi escrito el 01.06.AM a las 02:22 horas

Two steps forward...three steps back... two steps forward...three steps back.... Could be sang on it. Really good groove. But from 1.02 the sound changes completely.......but, ......two steps forward....three steps back......


A really nice "Thing"!!!


Ng`s, Uwe

Flazi escrito el 01.06.AM a las 03:29 horas

Oh, in germany we call it " Schnellkochtopf/ Sikomatik....oder so/ or so


Ng, Uwe

Sandro_Glavina_LUELO escrito el 01.06.PM a las 21:48 horas

Yes, in the pressure cooker you have cooked a very good music with an excellent recipe !!! ciao da sandro

Antiguo usuario escrito el 02.06.PM a las 12:06 horas

As always a pleasure to hear your music. lg Martin

Antiguo usuario escrito el 02.06.PM a las 14:07 horas

Hi Data,

really funny idea to make music about a cooking pot. Great, no, it's an execellent work.



Maury escrito el 03.06.AM a las 03:34 horas

Divertida y bonita canción! Hay mucho que hacer en la cocina cuando soplar las ollas! Bravo Datamix! Hola Maury.

TommyG escrito el 03.06.AM a las 11:40 horas

Nice idea. Only percussions, simple but effective.

Michel-Solo-Band escrito el 03.06.PM a las 23:02 horas

Simple but great work.

DIANA-KUNDERA escrito el 04.06.PM a las 22:34 horas

Very nice. DK

SoftCut escrito el 05.06.AM a las 10:18 horas

Klarer schöner Track.


VG Softcut

NurMusik escrito el 05.06.PM a las 15:54 horas

Great work, i like it realy and perhaps cool cover.


You see, i am back and will listen to your other songs later.









seraphin escrito el 06.06.PM a las 15:00 horas

Hello dear friend,


Very very good my friend,


It's an excellent music fav because i love african style !! ^^


Perfect as song !! Some Dub sounds !! Suddist music !!



Frantzi escrito el 09.06.AM a las 00:11 horas

It smells in this kitchen a little bit like "Minimal Music" but with good and fresh ingredients...

don`t steam them to long...





Good cover...

Jokerface escrito el 11.06.AM a las 07:44 horas


ein sehr interessanter und spannender Song. Erstklassige Effekt geben dem Song erst die Würze.



Soundmacher escrito el 22.06.PM a las 16:00 horas


sehr gut