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Say Teddy:

Interesting opening...  Those drums are really kickin', man.  Love 'em! 

I remember that guy's voice.  He was a pitch man who must have done a million voice-overs from TV to movies.  If you watch TCM, this guy's voice is heard in quite a few old movie shorts.

Nice experiment...



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initial effects very beautiful, the track is well built, both rhythmic melodic.
a song does not sound easy, but it contains much sought after.
I agree with those who always makes sound research so my opinion is very positive


redisland escrito el 30.10.PM a las 14:51 horas

hi ted

klasse track

die drums kommen sehr gut

klasse experiment

lg die redis




Antiguo usuario escrito el 30.10.PM a las 19:28 horas

I find this song very original,the sound creates an atmosphere of curiosity 'and interest.
Yes, very well.


Divine escrito el 30.10.PM a las 20:09 horas

nice work....

vocals-effect's-drums super....bravo.

Leomax escrito el 30.10.PM a las 21:40 horas

nice work

i like it 5* work

lg leomax

SpriteBat escrito el 30.10.PM a las 23:47 horas

Very cool, heavy sound. It works well for ambient but I start to miss your guitars after a while.

Nickillus escrito el 02.11.PM a las 12:27 horas

Great voice over samples set this off beautifully.  Good find and well used.  I always tend find this sort of music interesting and will find myself repeat listening to it.  Jack Planck reborn.

beabea escrito el 02.11.PM a las 23:25 horas's you...totally you......i's your kind of music...the way you're dealing with what you are experiencing....don't know if i expressed what i wanted to...doesn't matter......i love your style...

emacor escrito el 10.11.PM a las 13:41 horas

Hi :

Very nice and interesting experiment... i like the way you try to explore new sounds.

Great work

All the best