Antiguo usuario escrito el 17.07.PM a las 19:01 horas

WOW. The brass sound was great.  Almost too much good stuff to comment on.  After the harp, where the piano comes in and the mood shifts.....very effective.. Then the move to more of a rock feel, I liked that very much too.

Someone should make a movie to go with your song.


silverscreen70 escrito el 18.07.PM a las 17:36 horas

Hi, this certainly has that full orchestral sound, and feels as if it had come from an epic movie. Brilliant!


tingel escrito el 20.07.AM a las 07:08 horas

Sounds realy good my dear... but this in summer time? the second Part with gitars is very good in comi with the brass... great - I like dark theme creativ greetings Andi

FAbemol escrito el 20.07.AM a las 09:48 horas

"The Raven": bonne construction musicale. Du relief. Intense. Cover top. GOOD!!!!

ricw147 escrito el 22.07.PM a las 23:14 horas

Love it

The mix between light and shade is captured here in this epic orchestral piece 5*'s



Skorpion62 escrito el 18.12.PM a las 20:01 horas

gut gemacht

gruß Günter