Turn Out The Lights

gospelbj1 escrito el 20.04.AM a las 09:21 horas

"Turn Out The Lights" is another of my archived/back-burner pieces.  This was one of my more difficult songs to compose and orchestrate.  Everything heard here was manually orchestrated...no preset rhythms or beats.  The drum sequences were created manually using the Standard Drum Kit from my Korg Triton Studio Keyboard.  This was also different for me in that you will NOT hear my usual keyboard lead on this.  (I'm not going to tell you...you'll have to listen and be pleasantly suprised....I hope).

Anyway, please sit back and take a listen to this while I pull my next archived creation out and bring it to life!




AtomicFusion escrito el 20.04.AM a las 09:46 horas

Hallo gospelbj1,

ein schöner relexender Jazzersound ..

gefällt mir sehr gut !




Antiguo usuario escrito el 20.04.PM a las 14:43 horas

Hi Brenda:

And, what a very pleasant surprise, indeed!  Let me just say right away, this is a sweet song.  I mean really sweet!  Its smooth and mellow R&B flavor, soaks right in, Brenda.   I remember (very well) those late-night sessions...  (And, that's all I'm going to say about that)! <LOL>  

On the technical side, the xylophone is such a pretty instrument -- especially when its sound is demonstrated with such an illustrious flair.  (Big cheers for your Korg Triton Studio Keyboard; one of the true classics among keyboard instruments).

Pushing all that aside, I loved listening to this piece, and your (personal/manual) touch on this offering, is clear and deliciously present.




Antiguo usuario escrito el 20.04.PM a las 14:51 horas

Hey Brenda

Everything that Griff said PLUS...I love the chords you use  on the piano.  Not too many instruments to take away from the simple but effective melody line of the xylophone.  I would be thrilled to compose a piece like this.  I admire your work on the drums, You have a knack. Keep on bringing in those "back burner" tunes.


Trommel-Herbert escrito el 20.04.PM a las 19:53 horas

Das habe ich gerne gehört und es gefällt mir sehr gut.


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Sorry, aber sonst bleibt mir keine Zeit mehr um Musik zu machen.
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Antiguo usuario escrito el 21.04.PM a las 12:43 horas

music that relaxes you sitting in a chair thinking, a glass of beer and go.
What else can I say, the song is an immense class.
as always you propose great music that I listen with great pleasure


Jinty escrito el 21.04.PM a las 14:53 horas

Hello Brenda,

Very nice track, I enjoyed listening to it!!!!!

Have a good one!


olivier28 escrito el 21.04.PM a las 20:27 horas

Trés trés belle musique

cela ressemble à ce que Barry white faisait à ces débuts

je ne me souviens plus des titres...


quelle bonheur pour se ressourcer, pour  faire le repos dans notre téte des tracas de la vie ..;



Antiguo usuario escrito el 21.04.PM a las 20:37 horas

Hi! gospelbj1. Ich schätze Deine Gabe ... so konnte ich abschalten. Es freut mich für Dich. Ebenso auch für die Anderen. Mein Segen. Weiter ein gutes Gelingen.

LG / aces-e37

Edi-no1 escrito el 21.04.PM a las 20:55 horas

Hello Brenda,

what a great piece of music. You created a really good drum sequences.

Very relaxing song, perfect for the evening.

I'm looking forward to your next archived creation.




Antiguo usuario escrito el 22.04.PM a las 13:23 horas

Hi Brenda!

No, I turn the lights on and see you and your keyboard in a nice cocktailbar and you are playing this great and fantastic song! I close my eyes and drived away with this amazing sound and piece! And it goes into my FAV and I touch the Play-Button again and again and again and........! Great great great Brenda! Five big stars too for you!



Many greets from


TetleyAnderton escrito el 22.04.PM a las 21:44 horas

I like this one a lot Brenda ... you come out if something totally different for you and you did it well!.

TommyG escrito el 23.04.AM a las 05:06 horas

I like the smooth and relaxed way of your jazz. Well done Brenda, great song.

emacor escrito el 23.04.PM a las 12:26 horas

Hi Brenda:

Great work, in composition and execution.

It's defenetelly a great song for the end of the afternoon, for relaxing and enjoing time with ourselves.

Like it lot

All the best


MartinhoPRO escrito el 24.04.AM a las 02:40 horas

I loved Korg TRITON


I I like this song.

Antiguo usuario escrito el 25.04.AM a las 10:45 horas

Salut Brenda  

Very relaxing and great work (( very nice )) !!              5*

Best regards Tony

gerrycix escrito el 26.04.PM a las 19:20 horas

Hello Brenda ,

Very nice track ....excellent composition !

Brava ....!!!

Ciao David

stuallan escrito el 27.04.PM a las 18:51 horas

Hi Brenda,

So smooth, loved the mellow groove. Yes, a different "vibe" for you! LOL. Nicely arranged and recorded.

This is the type of music that makes you want to find your significant other, hold on tight and sway to the gorgeous melody.

This is truly one of the best mellow tunes I have heard in a long while.

Geat job, I'm tucking this away into my Fav's for sure.

Best Regards,


olivier28 escrito el 01.05.PM a las 19:58 horas

on n 'ennuie pas de réecouter votre musique






MuggeMaker escrito el 03.05.PM a las 21:19 horas

..I was sure I already have commented on this song. 

Of course, this song is great, really nice performance.

Excellent job.

Nickillus escrito el 08.05.PM a las 14:27 horas

Smooth, jazz perfection.  So mellow it makes you slide of the chair as the mood overtakes you.  Gorgeous piece, Brenda.  You and your work are real gems.

-Celina-Neatly- escrito el 24.06.PM a las 20:20 horas

So beautiful ; peaceful ! I love the mood and the groove. Great work.

All the best. Regards...