Sound Forge pro Mac 3.0 is slow comparing to others software

Guillaume-Estassy Posté à 29/03/2020 20:10


I use Sound Forge pro Mac Version 3.0.0 (Build 100) on my macbook pro, and it's particularly slow, for instance when using VST/AU.

Comparing to Ableton Live 9 on the same computer: on Soundforce it takes around 7-8 seconds (!) for the VST to appear when I drag and drop a VST or AU from the plugin chooser to the plugin chainer.

On Ableton Live the perception of same action is immediate or nearly.

I've bought the licence upgrade for version 3 a few months ago and I'm very disappointed by the performance of this software.I used to have it on PC years ago, and it was perfect. Now it's really painfull to use it daily beause it makes me loose a lot of time.

Can you please acknoledge known issues and slowness on this last version of Sound Forge ? I am available if you need more informartions. Also please let me know when the next release is planned to improve these performances.

All the best,

Guillaume Estassy




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