SilverFuchs Posté à 26/01/2021 02:07

Hi Jinty, a very nice track that I like very much, I like the voice. Great work.
Greetings Gerd

Splice Posté à 26/01/2021 07:03

Hey, great track!!

I like listening to you tracks!!

Picnicboy Posté à 26/01/2021 09:45


The Photo is really beautiful.

And the Music is it, too.

But it´s too loud and is clipping.

That´s not so good.

LG, PIc😎

DJ_Wash-8aer. Posté à 26/01/2021 11:04

Nice Photo, nice Music !!!

BW !!!!!!!! WASH 🖖🐼

Jochen-S Posté à 26/01/2021 12:09

Hello Jinty,
beautiful track with a great photo💐❤️💐... The vocals and the musical sound really excellent...
All the best,

Gruß Jochen...

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franco-galateo Posté à 26/01/2021 12:24

compliment .. construction musical exellent.. ensemble instrumental and vocal performace .. very well


Siggi-M Posté à 26/01/2021 14:25

the picture looks like it was painted, Jinty.Just beautiful !!!!!!!

a nice song for this photo !!!!


dan-t Posté à 26/01/2021 15:13

Bonjour Jinty ....

I think (and I write it with sincerity and without any ulterior motive) that your piece has a good musical logic, and good harmonies, but as underlined above "Pic" the crests "drool" too much on some instruments, and that a remix would be necessary. My humble opinion of course.
Put aside by that, your 10 year old photo is sensational ....



hildegard-beister Posté à 26/01/2021 19:40

The track is very successful, I was happy to hear it !!!

Inti Posté à 26/01/2021 20:52

Hello Jinty,
no matter how old the photo is, it's beautiful.
The music is great but a bit overdriven.
good work. 👋👍👍

LG Thomas