Ancien utilisateur Posté à 19/02/2019 17:14


Hello T. I already love the direction you give to your writing, as I already said in the past, you have a very beautiful writing that carries me every time I listen to you play (The passage I prefer is 2:29, I like this grain of voice of the piano). A great musical conversation and very refined work

TrishM Posté à 19/02/2019 17:25

Thank you, GG. A compliment from you is special and much appreciated.

Revival Posté à 19/02/2019 18:33

exquisite bouquet !

TrishM Posté à 19/02/2019 18:38

Ha. Thank you. I like the play on words 😁


franco-galateo Posté à 19/02/2019 19:15

delicate and rafined song.... great performance of the piano... compliment.. i appreciate this performance compositional


Bradford-Alan-Davidson Posté à 19/02/2019 23:50

And a toast to you for a lovely composition. This conjures up some wonderful imagery of good friends, laughter, and hope. That and a nice warm coat. Thanks much. Hope you are well. Brad

OldMansProject Posté à 20/02/2019 21:57

Hey Trish!!!

Ein sehr schöner Song. Da würde ich auch gern bei Kerzenlicht ein Glas Wein trinken und meinen Gedanken freien Lauf lassen. Wunderschön!!!

Holly 😎🍷🍷

TrishM Posté à 20/02/2019 22:31

Das klingt gut für mich. Danke, dass Sie das Lied gehört haben.

Father_of_Joy Posté à 24/03/2019 14:35

Sorry for my delay! This is wonderfully played. A pleasant atmosphere. Cheers! 😎

DEPO57 Posté à 28/04/2019 22:13

qui riconosco la tua anima. mi piace molto, fin dalle prime note…...

Roj Posté à 31/05/2019 22:08

Un bel pezzo, gradevole struttura, nell'insieme si lascia ascoltare piacevolmente.

PianoMan Posté à 25/07/2019 20:02

Like it too, nice composition 🙂...

Raoul-Radius Posté à 02/11/2019 10:51

🎧 What a sound!! Is it an accoustic piano or synthetic? Anyway, thanks Trish, it's a very nice composition. Greeting.

TrishM Posté à 07/11/2019 16:16

@Raoul-Radius Hi. Sorry about the delay but I just now say your comment. Thanks! I used Addictive Keys, a VST. I almost always use it If I'm playing a piano solo because I like the sound of it better than any other that I have tried.