GG plays Satie-Gnossienne n5

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The "Gnossiennes" are a six-part work by Erik Satie. They were composed between 1890 and 1897; the first three were published in 1893 and the last three in 1968 only.

Satie invents a new name of original form, derived from the word gnosis. Indeed, Satie is involved in this moment of his life in sects and Gnostic movements. However, some published versions claim that the word derives from the Cretan Knossos or gnossus, and links the Gnossiennes to Theseus, Ariane and the myth of the Minotaur.

The musical vocabulary of the Gnossiennes is a continuation of that of the Gymnopédies (an evolution that began with "Les Ogives") and leads to more harmonic experimentation in compositions like the Gothic Dances. These series of compositions are characteristic of Satie in his serious manner, and in this sense differ from his chamber compositions as Waltz (1885 published in 1887), cabaret (the waltz "Je te Veux",you already know 😉 ), his Cantorum for solo piano, or his Flaccid Preludes (1912).

good listening and Thanks for.....


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you have awoken the listener of the classics. love the stories and the detailed background. a splendid piece indeed to warm my soul. 💯💯💯👍👌🎹

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Hello G,

What can I say,Only that you play superbly as always,Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of music,I've enjoyed the listen....

All the best,


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great performance ... I really liked the song ...
congratulations for the performance


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Excellent👍❤️♪♪♪ Mr. GG.

best regards  Horst😎


HellRaiser Posté à 05/05/2019 12:17

Pleasant melody. You played the piano gently. Great performance ... again ❤️

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your style of play is delicate, you can also kidnap a Funk man like me ....

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To be honest, I don't have any knowledge about this composer. I've never heard Erik Satie. However, I really enjoyed your pleasant performance! An amazing piano playing! 😎

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hey geegee. Lovely rendition of this Sati piece. Back 100 years ago when I was taking piano lessons from the big scary Ms. Baine, She gave me Satie's Gymnopédies and I felt insulted because the music looked so simple. I suppose if one played the notes and only the notes, it would not be a difficult song to master. BUT if one were to play the song WELL and with the feeling and compassion with which it was written, it is not so easy.

It was a good lesson for me as a child to recognize that what you see on the page of the music is not what you should hear as a pianist. I don't think you can teach the feeling aspect of music. You can teach theory but the passion has to come from within.

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Hey Trishi, Hello All

I quite agree with you Trishi, nevertheless, we can explain with words but we can only feel it by listening to it...


That depends of course, the dose of passion that wants to transmit, I think I have nothing to teach you, because you are well aware that the difficulty does not come from reading but from the way the pianist remains in connection with the work and the composer ...

Thank you all for your listening

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Bravo maestro!


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Impessive piano play! Great job!

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Hello GG,

the Maestro just playing all against the wall, no it´s a joke, but like usual ,piano playing par exellence👍👌👍👌

All the best


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Hi GG✌, you are very Skilled on the Piano. You didn't just Cover it, you also put your own touch to it. Very well done😁👍.

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Thank you for the champagne 😉 beautiful playing once again sir. Very subtle sounds but still has it's own dramatic, charismatic flair. Bravo sir, bravo. 🙂✌️