Talan Posté à 14/02/2019 14:50

good performance!

Ancien utilisateur Posté à 14/02/2019 18:05

Sorry for the delay Trishy

It's a very good perform for me my musical friend ;)

Bradford-Alan-Davidson Posté à 14/02/2019 19:28

Remarkable. Great talent and skill on display here. Don't you just love those triplets? This is a wonderful listen. Wish I could play like this. Hope you are well and at peace. Brad

DJCProject Posté à 14/02/2019 20:05

Guten Abend Trish,

habe jetzt endlich die Zeit gefunden, um in dein Stück mal reinzuhören.Nochmals danke für die Einladung. Darfst mir gerne deine Songs zuschicken. Aufbau ist recht gut geworden, und das Piano klingt doch recht fröhlich. Ist eigentlich überhaupt nicht meine Musikrichtung, aber deine Arbeit gefällt mir sehr gut. Very good Job, Great.💯👋👍

Schönen Abend noch , LG Claas 😊

Lord_Jecke Posté à 14/02/2019 22:06

There is nothing wrong with your talent. You have skills and this is showing it. Haven't heard the orginal of the track but I'm sur you make justice to it. :-)

Ancien utilisateur Posté à 14/02/2019 22:51

Reminds me of the movie "An American Werewolf in London!" Great work!!

franco-galateo Posté à 15/02/2019 11:49

I'm very glad you started posting songs on magix ..
this your interpretation of moondance is wonderful ..
all well done..performance of the floor to scream ..


Sun_Say Posté à 15/02/2019 14:36

Very well done.😃

luigi-vigliotta Posté à 15/02/2019 16:53

I was so absorbed by the song that I seemed to be in the piano bar, I asked my cat for a drink ..😂😂😂

TrishM Posté à 15/02/2019 20:21

🤣😂😁😊. Too funny! Did your cat get you one? May I borrow your cat?

OldMansProject Posté à 16/02/2019 00:18

Hey Trish!!!

Jazz ist nun gar nicht meine Musikrichtung. Aber Deine Arbeit ist wirklich Klasse und muss einfach durch einen Eintrag gewürdigt werden.

Have a nice weekend.

Holly 😎

Father_of_Joy Posté à 16/02/2019 10:35

Delightfully played, as usual. Thank you for this musical gift. 🙂

stuallan Posté à 05/03/2019 23:15

Hi Trish,

One of my favourites!

Love your arrangement, played with the dexterity we expect from an accomplished musician such as yourself.

This always gets my toes tapping. Loved the way you freestyled!

Totally amazing!

Best Regards,


DEPO57 Posté à 28/04/2019 22:15

allegro e piacevole brano per un buongiorno…..brava trish

VeckStarling_aka_RoyAlanis Posté à 15/05/2019 01:33

Always a fun song to play and now an even more fun song to listen to. Piano playing is excellent. Wonderful job.