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Notice to the community Magix,

I decided to leave the community Magix, having had some exchanges or the non-existent politeness of some remarks gave way to arrogance and contempt to the detriment of the exchange and musical conviviality. There is also this attitude that I do not endorse at all, it is the fact to post comments "automatic" as for example: "good song, good job, or a little like, just for my turn I go to visit their page, is it the goal of this community? This is the exchange that is done just for personal interest and not for passion for music, or those who allow themselves, not to say "dare", to criticize without even knowing a note, just to make interesting, and more ..... But There are also those who supported me, who posted beautiful comments that I still appreciate now, because they were HONEST, well, I thank them very much ...

Good luck to all, and be wise ...

Your friend




TrishM Posté à 24/03/2019 17:38

Am I too late, GG? or will you come and check for comments?

You have written what I would hope is the sentiment of others in this "community". There are those who copy and paste their standard response as if no one would notice that the exact same thing is said for every song and perhaps the name is changed. Apparently everyone is equally musical? Then there are those ( alas I can't think of multiples) who write nasty comments just to either be mean or make them appear intelligent when it has the opposite effect. So sad that undoubtedly the most accomplished musician here is forced out by such cruel pettiness. HA! What a joke. I hope they are satisfied that they have robbed other members here of a talent they will never achieve in 100 life times!

Your friend,


TrishM Posté à 24/03/2019 18:08

méfiez-vous de stalker

DJ_Wash-8aer. Posté à 24/03/2019 19:22

No, GG! You can not just go, you're a big piece of community, I'll miss you a lot, who do I make fun comments with...? With whom do I greet the aliens when they arrive...?

Revival Posté à 24/03/2019 20:13