The Fantastic Journey (preliminary version 2)

eTim Posté à 17/08/2009 22:22
I am a new Music Maker User. This is a first composition I've initiated with version 2008 basic edition. I am now remastering it with the version 15 XXL.
I wish I can transform the main idea of this track to a complete piece of music.
Hopefully, I'll have more to upload before the end of the year.


Ancien utilisateur Posté à 17/08/2009 22:45
I feel here, you have music in your veins. Thats what I like. A great theme of music here of your mind. In my ears you have done a great job.

LG Hans Josef
Ancien utilisateur Posté à 18/08/2009 11:48
Salut Timothée ....

Hum! ce projet est grandiose .... De bonnes idées, mais un peu touffu dans le mixage.
Sincèrement j'apprécie .... Attention pour la fin, plus decrescendo ....
Tu es sur la bonne voie ....

Ancien utilisateur Posté à 18/08/2009 15:14
hello tim,

now I am already glad about the complete works..

the end if I allowed to have ended mor...


Frantzi Posté à 18/08/2009 18:05
For a "starter" a good and impressive(and expressive) piece of music...
Hope we will hear more from you in this quality...with a better ending...
masni Posté à 18/08/2009 18:23
 Salut Tim, tu as commencè   très bien       Carl
Ancien utilisateur Posté à 18/08/2009 23:23
Welcome Tim,

That is a very good entry to this Com.
Tempt the track even more bass and deep,.............. and the end????


jorual Posté à 19/08/2009 19:59
Hello Tim,

This is a good start, I wish you all the best.

StoneFace Posté à 20/08/2009 17:01

A very good piece ....  and start.

Only the mix, more loudness for the bass and the end?


ArtistW Posté à 21/08/2009 02:00
Very promissing; love it.
Ancien utilisateur Posté à 21/08/2009 14:01
I like it !
Ancien utilisateur Posté à 21/08/2009 16:23
very good Song. 

mfg Conny
LEFTHANDER Posté à 24/08/2009 16:49
For a first Song ......really cool.
Your Music is very dramatically.
I hope we listen more from your qualitys.

IrisS. Posté à 11/09/2009 02:39
Deneu Posté à 11/12/2009 14:04
Bon départ, chouette mélodie.
J'aime cette musique.