Jinty ha scritto il 07.06.2018 ore 14:49

Hello Stu,

It's a great track as always, expertly done!!!!!!

All the best,


franco-galateo ha scritto il 07.06.2018 ore 19:32

I would say the whole good ..... excellent composition ... quality music


Vecchio utente ha scritto il 07.06.2018 ore 22:48

cool,excellent Sound.Very good Project 👍👍👍

Pat_02 ha scritto il 09.06.2018 ore 12:50

Salut Stu,

Content que tu sois de retour.

Je dirais que ce n'est pas ta meilleure musique et que la basse domine un peu trop.

Elle monte doucement, la trompette est appreciable puis le synthé et la guitare, enfin : les guitares, lol !

C'est une musique d'ambiance agréable, douce à écouter et reposante, c'est un mélange de Rock lent et un peu Blues Jazzy.

Merci pour cette nouvelle musique pour ton retour parmi nous , lol !



Hi Stu, Glad you're back. I would say that it is not your best music and that the bass dominates a little too much. It goes up slowly, the trumpet is appreciable then the synth and the guitar, finally: the guitars, lol! It's a pleasant ambient music, soft to listen to and relaxing, it's a mix of slow rock and a little blues jazzy. Thank you for this new music for your return among us, lol! Friendships. Patrick

RNG1971 ha scritto il 11.06.2018 ore 04:04

Stu, Really good !!! I love the trumpet with the jazzy atmosphere.




TrishM ha scritto il 11.06.2018 ore 04:19

Hey Stu. I always like what post. This is no exception. There are some mighty cool guitar riffs and I like the vibraphone. You lettin' everybody join in the fun! Nice fade at the end. Very nice. I definitely needed some mellowing with the way things are going


Father_of_Joy ha scritto il 17.06.2018 ore 08:44

That starts a little gloomy with the deep bass. 😎
However, the brass section lifts the mood. Afterwards it has many nice instrumental details. Great.

Dad.on.the.moon ha scritto il 17.06.2018 ore 14:54

Salut Stu,

excellent, j'adore l'ambiance que dégage cette musique, les sonorités diverses qui se mélangent parfaitement, c'est très original et très bien fait, une très bonne composition bravo mon ami 👊


josee-p ha scritto il 06.04.2019 ore 00:27

Hello my friend Stu, moving, fluide and has some depth. Chilling vibe. Merci!

TetleyAnderton ha scritto il 14.02.2020 ore 01:11

Hi Stu … Long time off but I am coming back on, now and then. I like this chilling tune.

stuallan ha scritto il 17.02.2020 ore 17:08

Hi Tetley,

Welcome back! I don’t come as often as I used to, working more on live music with a band. Always nice to hear from “veterans”.