luigi-vigliotta ha scritto il 14.06.2019 ore 13:08

Good track , i like it ....

Siggi-M ha scritto il 14.06.2019 ore 15:55

wow,cooler Bass and good arangirt 👍👍👍.

TrishM ha scritto il 17.06.2019 ore 12:38

Hey Stu. Your combination of rhythms and instrumentation is fantastic. Sometimes i think music of this genre can be too repetitive but you keep things moving and manage to hold the attention of the listener for the full 6:28. Cute ending.😁

TetleyAnderton ha scritto il 07.03.2020 ore 05:46

I like it Stu. Can't say much more then that!!! 👍👍👍👍👍