siglersmalz ha scritto il 29.05.2009 ore 08:17
Hi Keow,

Well, you've asked the million dollar question!  That's pretty much what the Magix movie related programs are for.  Taking a movie from some source, or even photos from a camera, and producing a DVD product.

Unfortunately, I think you may have the wrong Magix program. I've not used Movies2go, but according to the Magix web site, it's for creating movies to be played on a portable player (ipod, cell phone, etc.).

Since you want to make movies from a digital camera, you may need Movies on DVD or Movie Edit Pro.  I don't know what format video movies from a digitial camera are in, so you need to make sure your camera's video movie format can be imported into a Magix product.

Movie Edit Pro is the best product as far as options and capability, but it's pricey, compared to the "lower end" products like Movies on DVD, which are basically a subset product, but might be better suited in terms of price and functions you want to use.

I suggest you download and install some of the free trial versions to get a better idea of what you might want to actually buy.

Good luck