Music Maker 2004 deluxe

nextfrusci ha scritto il 01.06.2009 ore 13:44
Ciao ragazzi, comprai un pò di tempo fa MAGIX MUSIC MAKER 2004 DELUXE, e lo usai tranquillamente senza mai aver avuto problemi. Un virus mi fece resettare il pc, che mi portò alla rimozione di tutti i programmi. quando arrivai per rimettere il programma sul pc mi accorsi che mancava il cd. Ho cercato ovunque, ma non lo trovo +. Come posso fare per riavere una copia o il programma direttamente?

Hi boy. A long time ago I bought MAGIC MUSIC MAKER 2004 DELUXE, I started to use it normally. A virus deleted everything on my pc, and now I would like to instal this program again. There's a problem... I can't find the cd, I've lost it!!!
How can I bring it again, or the cd, or something like that? I need this program... 
For answers, I pray you to make it in a simple english XD I'm Italian


ralftaro ha scritto il 04.06.2009 ore 15:22

How exactly do you expect us to help you? This is a user community. If anything, you'd have to contact Magix directly and check whether they still have a copy that they could give to you. I kinda doubt it, though, since this program is pretty old. If you're looking for a cheap copy of the old version, why not have a look at eBay?