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Dear Community,

After our statement on ACID Pro last month, we received a lot of love from you. Now, the day has come - we are excited to introduce you to ACID Pro 11 and ACID Pro 11 Suite with their extensive plug-in packages.

ACID Pro 11 takes loop-based music production one step further - yet again. Since its historic invention of today’s industry standard in 1998, ACID offers the most extensive options for arranging, editing and resampling audio. Countless artists have relied on ACID and its workflow to create some of the most famous compositions in IDM and EDM.

We teamed up with BRAINWORX to provide you with some of the finest hardware emulations on the market today. Add the unmistakeable sparkle of analogue gear to your mix and enter a world of sonic perfection. ACID Pro 11 comes with the Producer Bundle (consisting of two plug-ins) and ACID Pro 11 Suite comes with the Ultimate Bundle (consisting of five plug-ins).

Other helpful tools in ACID Pro 11 include:

  • iZotope Ozone 9 Elements
  • Celemony Melodyne 5 essential
  • MAGIX Effects Suites
  • modernEQ
  • dynamicEQ (only in the Suite Suite)
  • ACIDized Loops (12 GB with ACID Pro 11 and ACID Pro 365 or 16 GB with ACID Pro 11 Suite)

ACID Pro 11 and ACID Pro 11 Suite are available now as new purchases, upgrades and subscriptions in our online store. There you also find more information about all new features and plug-ins.

We are looking forward to see what projects you will realize with the new features! Feel free to post them in our media section here!

Best regards


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