Announcement: Relaunch

MAGIX_Redaktion schrieb am 14.11.2016 um 17:26 Uhr

Dear community,

Today we want to let you know about some upcoming changes to
We are planning a total relaunch of the platform towards the end of this month. It will feature complete redesign and some structural changes.
Change to forum structure
The biggest change is the merging of the "Questions & Answers" and the "Forum" sections. There will be now be a single section divided into several main categories and product categories, which will make it easier for users to find their products. This new section will look roughly like the following:

Also, the "member forums" section will be removed. If you wish to save information from the member forums, please do so before the relaunch. After the relaunch all member forums and the information they contain will no longer be available.

Show & Discuss
The "erotic" category with all images will also be deleted.
Category names will be changed to predefined tags. These tags will replace the "keywords".
The "Charts" section requires a total conceptual redesign and for the time being, will not appear in the new platform.
In addition there will be a change to ratings system for media. We will no longer use the star system and will replace it with a "Like"/"Favorite" evaluation system instead.
Also, we've updated our systems to ensure they are more reliable for media uploads and processing.

Our new focus is mobile device support. Users will now be able to ask queries on, comment, upload media, evaluate products etc. using their mobile device.

In addition to the changes mentioned above, the new platform will contain lots of other new features. We aim to create a platform that's as user-friendly as possible and are looking forward to continue developing the platform with your help after the relaunch.

We hope you enjoy using the revamped, and as always, we're grateful for any feedback.


Best regards,

the team


browj2 schrieb am 03.12.2016 um 01:01 Uhr

Just saw the Tutorials tab. It was not in the first image and I was worried.

I think that a button in the first image linking to the relevant tutorial subjects would be helpful.

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DJ.Funbeat schrieb am 08.12.2016 um 12:40 Uhr

Cool new website  , thank you Magix   😎

nihon94 schrieb am 09.12.2016 um 06:52 Uhr

I came after a while and got this new surprise which is good😂. May be need time to get use to it.

Big thanks to Magix😉

alimanti schrieb am 08.12.2018 um 05:54 Uhr

I am 75 - and frustrated trying to use my Photostory easy programme. Can someone advise me how to get rid of unwanted, unprogrammed 14 secs blank time before the start of my slideshow -PLEASE!

emmrecs schrieb am 08.12.2018 um 10:30 Uhr


Hi, welcome to the Magix forums.

You have posted to a rather old thread announcing the changes made to the layout etc. of these forums two years ago. Unfortunately, it is unlikely to be read or answered here by anyone who can help you because you really need to post to the Photostory forum area here.

Make sure to select "NEW POST" at the top right of that page, choose "Photostory" as your product and then give details of what you want to do and what you have tried. If you're able to make and provide screenshots of your Photostory "working screen" that will help we fellow-users to, hopefully, offer you some useful advice.

(Although as a moderator I can move complete threads to the "correct" forum area, i cannot do that with individual posts.)

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