anyone have issues getting a live person to help with activations in the US? I have tried over 45 times and no one answers the message recording just says call back later!!! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED!! PLEASE HELP!!!

debgibson39 schrieb am 09.06.2014 um 18:57 Uhr

NEED A LIVE PERSON to help with exceeded activations!!! Calling the BBB today by COB if they do not call me back!!!


johnebaker schrieb am 09.06.2014 um 19:40 Uhr


1.    This is a user forum not Magix support.

2.     Do not type in capitals, however frustrated you may be - this is considered as shouting and bad etiquette on forums, or make threats, as this can lead to other users not being willing to help.

3.     Threats will not do any good here - see 1 and 2.

For more information see here

You need to email Magix and ask for the activation counter to be reset, explaining why the allowed limit has been exceeded, in your email to them you will also have to quote your serial number and confirm where you purchased the software from.


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debgibson39 schrieb am 09.06.2014 um 19:54 Uhr

I did do all that...for three days, and I have gotten no where...hence the frustration and the CAPS!  It would be nice if they would pick up their phone and/or contact me.  And YES I will be contacting the BBB that is not a threat.  If I can't get a call back or a live voice and unable to leave a message...yes that warrants a visit to BBB. 

debgibson39 schrieb am 09.06.2014 um 19:58 Uhr

John, thank you for your time and conveying the rules.  I am reaching out in a desparate state.  I would very much appreciate if anyone can help me get in live contact regarding my situation which yes, I have stated the issues in email twice now (with no response that contains an answer) only that they received my email and someone will be in contact.  Do you not agree not being able to leave a message or even option to wait on hold is not a good business customer relations practice?  Apologies again for the caps...just very frustrated and I was hoping that this forum could help as I have no where else to turn. 

gandjcarr schrieb am 10.06.2014 um 23:33 Uhr


Just a hint, when trying to reach Magix by telephone, sometimes the local U.S. reps (if you are located in the U.S. or Canada) are swamped with calls during normal business hours.  Magix seems to have the ability to pick up those call in Germany if you call during European busines hours.  When I have used this approach, I have rearely waited for more than a few minutes to have someone answer the telephone.


debgibson39 schrieb am 10.06.2014 um 23:46 Uhr

All good!  Spoke to them today and they were extremely helpful!  Just was in panic as I could not reach them.  They were on holiday.