Free photo organizer

gandjcarr schrieb am 25.09.2012 um 19:11 Uhr

I have been looking for a sophisticated photo organizer that has really good face recognition and have been trying virtually everything on the market.  I used to use Adobe Photoshop for editing photographs, but switched over to Xara Designer Pro X because it was much more user friendly and a much more stable applications than any Adobe product I ever used.  Only problem was that Adobe had a pretty good photo management application when it worked and did not crash the way all of their products do.  I tried the Magix photo manager and while it was stable, it did not give me the level of sopistication that I needed, especially with face recognition.

For some reason (just before I was about to spend almost $100) on another product, I decided to try Picasa 3, a free application from Google, and BINGO exactly what I wanted.  Most of the photo organizer apps that I tried were (especially the more expensive ones) very heavy on photo editing, and very light on organizing.  One that was really organizing focused had very limited face recognition features.  Picasa have very strong organizing capability, and superb face recognition and some photo editing capability (which I really don't care about).

Just wanted to share this in case anyone is interested



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