Hello to my friends on the Magix site

gandjcarr schrieb am 03.04.2013 um 21:48 Uhr

Hello all,

I have been away from this site for a number of weeks and I wanted to let you all know that no, I have not stopped using Magix products, nor have I stopped creating and editing videos.  In my humble opinion, Magix continues to create the best video editing products in the world, 

I have been off this site because of a number of personal tragedies that I have experieced over the last two months.

I apologize that I have not been here to help out with answering your questions.  I will be back on line more and more during the next few weeks and will try to answer as many questions as I can.

I love the Magix products, and I especially love the people on this forum who take the time to tell me if I helped them solve their problem or not.  I have missed talking to all of you and I apologize that I have not been here for you.



cpc000cpc schrieb am 03.04.2013 um 23:28 Uhr


Welcome back! Hope all is now well and that you have 'weathered the storms'.



karentbal schrieb am 11.11.2013 um 10:51 Uhr

Welcome gandjcarr, you may get many responses here, but you will get many religious fanatics lol.