How to get a sound to move from one speaker to the next and back again in a song?

wagstar schrieb am 08.02.2015 um 16:55 Uhr

I have a song done but would like a sound effect of a space rocket or shooting star or something like that starting off on the left speaker then moving to the right and back again as a kind of swirly noise effect. I use the mixer to pan sounds to the left and the right but they're there for the whole song, I want this effect to be moveable as the song plays. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you.


gandjcarr schrieb am 08.02.2015 um 18:33 Uhr


What you are asking is basically panning the audio channels from left to right.  The easist way I can think of to do this with Music Maker is to reproduce the track as two seperate mono tracks and use the volume curve functionality to change the volume of each mono track independantly.  This will create the illusion of moving the sound from left to right.  You need to learn how to do this and the MusicMaker manual if you search with the terms "volume curve" should tell you how to do this.  There are some ways to automate this and a full blown DAW would make it easier but you can do it with MusicMaker.  Your search depending on the version of MM that you have should look something like this.

Personally, I would not use MM to do this, but as far as I can tell, it can be done.  I would use a DAW to do it, or even just record the track and pan the mixer (either analog or digital) left and right to create the effect that I want.  There are many very expericed MM users on this site and they may well have a better answer and shortcuts on how to use MM to do this.  I have spent many years recording and producing audio and I tend to lean towards the most efficient and effective approach and that often involves other tools for specific tasks.  I hope that Nihon, Griff, Browj... chime in on this one.

Good Luck,


Procyon schrieb am 08.02.2015 um 23:36 Uhr

There is an easier way....

Click on an audio object to highlight.  Go to....Effects > Automation > Object Automation (CTRL+H) , which brings up the Dynamic Effects Editor.  In the effects section click on "Panorama".  You can choose a Rhythmic Envelope or edit the curve manually.  Good luck!

Ehemaliger User schrieb am 09.02.2015 um 05:32 Uhr

Instead of panning you also could try phaser FX. It does not really

sound exactly like panning but it makes the sound move around, too.


wagstar schrieb am 16.02.2015 um 18:16 Uhr

Yes thank you all very much, been playing around with all your suggestions and they have given me some great ideas. Thanks again to you all.