gandjcarr schrieb am 05.03.2012 um 11:58 Uhr

Hello again, In music maker, if you want to add a recorded track, go to the bottom section, select "file manager" locate the track you want to add, and drag it to any open track.  As long as music maker recognizes the file format the track should appear on the time line.  Music maker will not recognize .m4a files from itunes.  I have read that there are m4a to mp3 conversion applications available but have never done it so I can't reccomend anything.  Good luck

moon3x schrieb am 05.03.2012 um 21:38 Uhr

I did that but when I dragg it a sign appears sayin the audio material to be imported does not contain an ascertainable tempo nor bar information

moon3x schrieb am 06.03.2012 um 19:45 Uhr

im trynna record my lyrics over a biggie beat i downloaded on frostwire... thats the exact thing I need instructions on if u have the answer please respond.. n thank u for ur help