Magix rip off its customers

davewhitfield schrieb am 18.07.2014 um 20:15 Uhr

I am seething at being asked to pay to ask a question about reactiviating my Photostory 10 package. I have never been asked by any other software provider to pay to ask support a question. 'm nowI thinking about facebook, twitter etc and telling everyone I know to publicise exactly how this company operates. I for one will never purchase any magix products ever again.


johnebaker schrieb am 18.07.2014 um 20:58 Uhr


Ranting and raving will not do any good - most likely it will put other users off helping you.

. . . Magix rip off its customers . . .

That is an enormous assumption on your part.

. . . . pay to ask support a question . . .

Many companies do this when software falls out of its support period, and just for the record the small fee requested by Magix is very reasonable, if not a bargain, compared to other software companies.

If you have done your research,  you should have landed on this user help page here (you will need to login) - follow the instructions carefully.

. . . . nowI thinking about facebook, twitter etc and telling everyone I know to publicise exactly how this company operates . . . .

Definitely not advisable.



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gandjcarr schrieb am 18.07.2014 um 21:41 Uhr


To add to John's comments, what is it that you want or expect from a sofware comapany?  Have you ever tried asking Adobe to help you reactivate a software product that is out of support?  If so, what was their answer?  Likely "sorry you are out of time".  You go ahead and put this out on FB or Twitter, and I will follow you around there and tell everyone you send this to that you have no idea what you are talking about, are totally misinformed and are basically clueless about how this type of business works.  John was very diplomatic with his response as he must be as a moderator, but I do not have to be that diplomatic.  None of us here work for Magix, nor should we be subjected to your abusive comments.  We are all users helping other users, and if you have a question or a problem, try asking for help instead of offering threats!!!  You need to learn some basic manners, so go ahead and post your comments, and if Magix does not dispute your pathetic claims as bogus, then I will.  When you have calmed down ask an intelligent question, and you will likely get an intelligent answer.


ps. Try asking Microsoft for support on a out of support product and have your credit card ready and be prepared to pay a fee that is many times what Magix charges.  Ask Microsoft a question about say Windows XP and let us know how much they charged you or if they would even talk to you about XP.  Better yet, call Microsoft about a current operating system say Windows 8 and see what their help desk charges.  Let us know what you find.