Movie Edit Pro 15 How do I add still photo's in sequence

Richintucson schrieb am 11.07.2012 um 17:47 Uhr

I'm a new user and trying to figure out this software. I'd like to insert about 25 photo's and have them play for about 3 seconds each, while I play an original sound track. I'm lost on how to insert and record these from my digital camera. Any suggestions would be great!


gandjcarr schrieb am 12.07.2012 um 20:02 Uhr

Hi, This should be pretty straight forward.  First import your photographs to a folder of you choice from your digital camera.  Then in MEP click on the import tab, find your folder and click it.  You should now see your photographs either listed or in picture format depending on your import display options setting.  Select and drag your photographs into either the timeline, or the scene line.  The scene line is easier if you want to re-arrange them.  Once you have them organized in the order that you want, play it back to make sure that the order is right.  Go to the timeline, and select one photograph, any one, right click on that photograph, click "change photo length" drag the slider to the number of seconds you want and click "apply to all".  Now all of your photographs will be the length that you selected.  Drag your audio track to an unused track, and you are done.  I hope this helps, if not feel free to leave me a personal message.