problem connecting yahama keyboard to computer

Jinty schrieb am 09.04.2014 um 09:57 Uhr


I've tried connecting my yahama PSR-230 to my computer, but nothing is happening, I've also  downloaded the usb midi drivers, i keep getting a error message, stating that there is no device connected.. Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Ps I;m using windows 7...


Procyon schrieb am 09.04.2014 um 18:25 Uhr

First, you can tell us HOW you've connected the keyboard to the computer.

Jinty schrieb am 09.04.2014 um 22:01 Uhr


I've connected the keyboard to the computer using a USB to Midi lead, I've also downloaded the yahama drivers that I need, Everytime I try to install it I keep Getting a error message 25001, stating that there is no device connected...I'm at a loss as what to do, I hope that you can help me...Thanks in advance

Ehemaliger User schrieb am 10.04.2014 um 00:28 Uhr

Usually there is Midi In and Midi Out.....thats 2 leads...sometimes the leads go into a top secret little black device that contains the USB, what you got ?  Also you made need to hit the "P" get to get to Program settings and TELL the program you have connectted a keyboard....otherwise, as tthis isssue unfolds, follow procyon's suggested fixes...I'm outta here    

Jinty schrieb am 11.04.2014 um 00:09 Uhr

Hi gnarly,

I'm using a USB to midi adapter, I've got as far as hitting the p in magix music maker, the problem is now I have no sound, could you please tell me where I'm going wrong with it...Thanks for your help..

Procyon schrieb am 11.04.2014 um 02:54 Uhr

To state the obvious, the MIDI cable must be plugged into the MIDI OUT jack on the keyboard.  On the Audio/MIDI tab in the Program Settings in MMM, the Yamaha PSR-230 must be chosen as the MIDI Input Device.

The question that remains to be answered is...What "instrument" do you think you are you trying to play?

Connecting a MIDI keyboard to a computer using a MIDI/USB cable makes the keyboard a MIDI controller.  As such, you cannot play any sounds from the keyboard itself.  You can only use it to play a software VST instruments on the computer.  You must be in the Vita MIDI Editor and have an appropriate VST instrument chosen.  You must record those VSTi's from within Vita.  Also, the keyboard must be set to transmit and Vita must be set to receive on the same MIDI channel (1-16).  See the Keyboard Out parameter on page 40 of your keyboard manual.

Sorry, but since you've told us absolutely nothing about your knowledge of MIDI, you give us no option other than to assume you know nothing about it.  Allso, you should have told us the make and model of the MIDI/USB cable you are using.

Ehemaliger User schrieb am 12.04.2014 um 01:52 Uhr

Not knowing how much experience you have in electroic music, there is a very good rreason thaat Magix provides us all with a 250 page Help/Hot-To manual.....the problem is body reads it.  There are a lot of video tutorials that no one watches.  This is your starting the manual....waatch the tutorials.   Procyon, Nihon, Johnebaker, myself and many others, when we "suggest" you do A, then b, tnen c, etc, etc you have learned nothing.  All the atime you spend waiting for our rresponce is wasted time on your part....stop siting and start doing.  You will even learn something from yur mistakes.   If you are still truly messed up in a weeks time, come bback and enlighten uus with your progress and if you still need help, tell us first what you have done and we will go from there.    

Jinty schrieb am 12.04.2014 um 13:23 Uhr


Thank you all for your advice..The problem is when I install the yahama drivers, I keep getting a error message stating that there's no hardware connected when I know there is... Is there anyway other way I can connect the keyboard to my computer?

By the way I have watched the tutorials on how to connect the keyboard to magix music maker, I know I've done that right and I have also read nihons tutorials...

Your help on this matter would greatly be appreciated...

Procyon schrieb am 12.04.2014 um 16:54 Uhr

I can find no drivers available for the PSR-230 on the Yamaha website.  So, what driver are you using and what operating system are you using?  They need to be compatible.

Jinty schrieb am 12.04.2014 um 20:23 Uhr

Hi procyon,

I'm using windows 7, 64 bit, I am trying to use the  yahama USB Midi Driver for my operating system but it won't install, I've also tried the one at 32 bit.. I't's not recognizing my keyboard.. I am stuck as what to do now.. Your advice is greatly appreciated...

Procyon schrieb am 13.04.2014 um 01:20 Uhr

This page shows a driver designed for Windows XP, but implies that it works with Windows 7.

So, if it's not working, I'm not sure what else we can do for you.

Ehemaliger User schrieb am 13.04.2014 um 01:34 Uhr

I'm only here because you are making Procyon work, jinty need to do a little more research on your own and leave us alone....inn 5 minutes time I found that your keyboard is 1. older model...2.entry level....and three, just like I tole you in a prior  post.....yu need a M-Audio type interface that has 2 plugs for midi in/out on your keyboard and the secret black box in the middle of the cord with  a USB plug for your computer.  This is according to an offficial review of the keyboard upon its release from Yamaha approximately3 years ago.  There are no official drivers, just go fix your problem. 

CoolSpot2 schrieb am 16.04.2014 um 04:13 Uhr

Hey Jinty .  Lets do this step by step

1) Connect your piano to PC using USB to midi (your piano should install the driver automaticly !) It takes few seconds so maybe you missed it already . Your midi on piano should look like square nest or double circle nest .

 2)Open MagixMaker . Press "P" .. Under "Input Device" see if you get anything . If it dosen't show anything then you have no driver. If it does then your driver is fine.

3) Select your piano if you see it .

4) Time to download ASIO4ALLV2 driver . I have no link so google it or look it up here on forums

5) Restart MMM . Press "P" select Asio driver4all . Press "keyboard" in MMM . Select MIDI REC next to the instrument which you trying to use .

It should work .


Ehemaliger User schrieb am 17.04.2014 um 00:26 Uhr us all a favor.....if and when yu get your keyboaard to work for you, tellrcle us what and how you did it.  It may help others in the future.....also, if you figure  out what a square nest or double circle nest is, teell us that too !