Questions and Contributions on this forum just keep getting better

gandjcarr schrieb am 12.11.2012 um 17:28 Uhr

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to take a moment to comment on this forum.  When I first joined the questions here were mostly from new people asking for help to do basic things.  Those questions are very welcome and I belive answering those question are a essential component of any forum.

Lately I have also started to see questions that challenge both the application, and video editing in general.  This is a very exciting development in that it becomes even more challenging to people who answer the questions, and provides a learning and growth path for people who are new to both editing and Movie edit pro.

I really wish that it were easier to post 'How to tutorials" in the tutorial section of this site.  I record many tutorials but because the process of getting a turorial published on the site is not clear at all, I find it easier to publish them on YouTube and post the link to help people out.  This means that this site is not really building the tutorial section which is really where users should be able to find this type of information.

Any comments, thoughts, or ideas on this would be most welcome and appreciated.




john-auvil schrieb am 12.11.2012 um 18:33 Uhr

Maybe I can make a "how to video" on how to upload a video to using Movie Edit Pro. I know that some others have mentioned using the flash player export within the Movie Edit Pro, but I find this most complicated so I just export out from Movie Edit Pro as a .WMV file. I then upload the WMV to this site and I believe the site converts it to a flash file. This I find is the easist path.

Now, what do you all use for capturing the screen? I have several products... I think all are from TechSmith (Snagit and Camtasia). I would use the Movie Edit Pro, but I run into problem running multiple copies of the program at the same time. Mainly it is a problem in my head, as it works, I have used it a few times to capture video that I have uploaded.

What I would really like is for the developers to create a export function directly from Movie Edit Pro that is exclusively for uploading to They same way they have it for uploading to Facebok, and YouTube. Alas, that is a mere wishlist item at this point. I will agree though, there are a few very challenging questions coming in now but not only for Video but Audio as well. I do love a good challenge, regardless of the product.

The problem I have with some of the challenging questions is not following along exactly, at least not understanding the information because text doesn't always tell a great story. I would emplore more users to post not only text but screen shots that help identify the areas that are in question.

gandjcarr schrieb am 12.11.2012 um 18:44 Uhr


You are absolutely right about the audio questions, especially music maker.  I understand audio editing for video and music very well, but even though I have Music Maker, I usually don't understand the questions about composing music using electronic instruments.  I tend to record with real instruments.  I do now finally understand how to upload to the Show and Discuss site, but I have no clue how to upload anything to the forum tutorials tab.  I have tried and tried and tried yet nothing ever shows up there.  Most of what I see being added are .PDF files.  If I was going to answer a question with text, I could easily upload .PDF, however, I really think that people learn better by seeing, so I use video.  To me, show and discuss is not a problem anymore, getting a video in the tutorials tab of the forum is.

Thank you,


johnebaker schrieb am 13.11.2012 um 00:00 Uhr

Hi George

I agree with you about the quality of the questions we are now getting and the problems which stretch our mental muscles on how to achieve something.

For me, and I would suspect for many others, a pdf tutorial, or a text answer, with images if necessary, is better because I can print them out and then reference them as I work through the instructions.

Obviously there are some cases where a video also helps a great deal - eg to demonstrate the end result of the tutorial.


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