What can I do to improve computer/software performance ?

rstorrow schrieb am 06.07.2014 um 14:44 Uhr


I find my software to run slow and often times freeze and I need to wait for things to load and unfreeze. I do disk clean up  and disk defragmant. I am using a dell laptop about 4 years old with 10 GB of storage and it has dual 64 bit intel pentium processor, Running on Windows 7.

  Should I look into purchasing more storage? or maybe better video graphics card?

Thanks for your reply in advance.



gandjcarr schrieb am 06.07.2014 um 18:09 Uhr


I assume that when you say you have 10GB of storage you mean you have 10 GB of RAM.  That should be plenty of RAM proided you are not running other memory intensive applications when you are editing and have a fairly fast CPU.  Have a look at your memory allocation using windows task manager and look at what is running in the "processes" tab, sort by "memory" and you will be able to see which processes are consuming memory.  Close the applications that consume significant amounts of ram.  Do this by shutting down the applications, not just "killing the process".  If that does not work, try reducing the "movie display" setting to a lower resolution.  If you are using a version of MEP prior to MEP 2013, you may want to "preview render" your project and that could help.  Finally as a last resort you may want to consider upgrading your system to a faster Quad Core processor.  


rstorrow schrieb am 06.07.2014 um 18:14 Uhr

Thanks George, I will do as you suggested. I didn't even know they made a quad core processor?


gandjcarr schrieb am 06.07.2014 um 19:36 Uhr

Hi Robert,

Happy to help, please keep us informed on how you make out with solving this problem.  If my suggestions do not help you solve it, there are many others on this forum who have experience and I would be happy to refer your posts to them directly.  No one here actually works for Magix, but we are a pretty knowledgeable group of users who are dedicated to helping other users.  My suggestions don't always work so if this does not solve the problem, come back and let us/me know.

My answers are almost always based on direct experience with Magix products, but we also try to answer basic editing questions as well as questions about Magix products.


johnebaker schrieb am 06.07.2014 um 22:46 Uhr


In addition to Georges comment re quad processor - for which you need deep pockets for a decent one in a laptop - I would also advise you to get MEP 2014 if you do not have it.  This has proxy editting which provides a much better user experience on laptops and lower spec PC's.

I would recommend an Intel i5 processor with integrated HD graphics  - both my main PC and my laptop have them and the performance is outstanding (PC) and very good (laptop)

Note: a quad core laptop will still not perform as well as a quad core PC, heat removal is the main issue and a laptop processor speed is ramped down as the temperature rises, when working under load, eg rendering, and performance drops.



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rstorrow schrieb am 06.07.2014 um 23:20 Uhr

thank you very much, that seems like great advice.

gandjcarr schrieb am 09.07.2014 um 20:38 Uhr


To add to John's comments, if you are commited to a laptop versus a desktop PC, if you buy a new laptop, you may also wish to consider what they call a "cooling pad".  This is a device that you place under your laptop (usually powered by a USB port) that has a fan that helps keeps the laptop running cooler by providing an additional fan to bring more air circulation.  Some of these products work very well while others do virtually nothing.  If you plan to go this route, let me know and I will give you some ideas on which ones work and which don't (I have tried many of them and wasted a lot of money on the ones that do virtually nothing).  Heat and very poor laptop fan design are probably the biggest reason why laptops are not the ideal solution for video editing.