KomponistDK schrieb am 07.03.2017 um 12:53 Uhr
Tags: MIDI, Music Maker Artist, Klassik, Sonstiges, Soundtrack


String/Brass/Flute/etc.: selbst komponierte Midi's 🙂 Percussion: Audio Loops (von Magix) 😅


smartsmurf schrieb am 07.03.2017 um 20:02 Uhr

I can't believe that "Feedback" is the real title of your soundtrack... maybe that's what you looking for. 😳

I like it very much... it's epic and it tells a story... What story this would be I do not know... but I have my own pictures. Melodies are really nice and fitting, good placement and choice of percussion. Soundwise it's high level...


fpescobedo schrieb am 08.03.2017 um 06:48 Uhr

Very dramatic! loved it!!!

franco-galateo schrieb am 08.03.2017 um 11:22 Uhr

classic music with fusion modern sound , great, this composition is of hight quality