Portail temporel

Semelles-de-Vent schrieb am 15.11.2022 um 19:38 Uhr
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Au-delà du septième Ciel Beyond the seventh Heaven

 Au-delà du Portail temporel Beyond the  Temporal Portal

Jeunes gens ou tempes grises Young people or gray temples

 C’est la musique qui nous grise It's the music that grays us


 Au-delà du septième Ciel  Beyond the seventh Heaven

 Du portail Temporel From the Time Portal

 On retrouvera toutes Celles We will find all Those

 Qui de la vie font tout le sel Who of life make all the salt



Au-delà du septième Ciel Beyond the seventh Heaven

Tu verras des lunes nouvelles You will see new moons

De nouveaux astres à l’onde pure New stars with a pure wave

 C’est sûr, ce n’est pas à l’eau que je carbure Of course, it's not water that I fuel


Mais s’il faut croire en quelque chose But if you have to believe in something

 Je préfère encore croire à la Rose I still prefer to believe in the Rose

 Pas d’overdose  No overdose



Au-delà du Portail Temporel Beyond the Time Portal

La rose des vents fleurit le ciel The compass rose blooms the sky

La croix du temps, l’étoile du Sud The Cross of Time, the South Star

 Guident l’enfant en son prélude Guide the child in his prelude


Et s’il faut croire en quelque chose And if you have to believe in something

 De la musique avant toute chose   Music first and foremost


















Kryo schrieb am 15.11.2022 um 20:11 Uhr

very nice!

Siggi-M schrieb am 15.11.2022 um 20:28 Uhr

Bonjour Henri, j'aime ta façon de jouer. Génial, ta façon de faire de la musique 👌🙏👉💪.


Alter-Falter schrieb am 15.11.2022 um 21:33 Uhr

... !!!

Jochen-S schrieb am 15.11.2022 um 22:58 Uhr

Bonjour Henri,
arrangement très intéressant, j'ai bien aimé,
Salutations à la France
Jochen ...

Vio-Project schrieb am 16.11.2022 um 00:21 Uhr

Super chanson ! Belle lyrique! Super son! Mélange intéressant ! 👍👍👍💪💪💪👌👌👌👏👏👏

LG Sylvio 😎

SEA-K schrieb am 16.11.2022 um 10:22 Uhr

Hi Henri,

A very interesting mix I must say and daring to present. Good effects. interesting arrangement. Powerful, enjoyed it.. To create or not to create. Best Regards, CHRIS

Sandro_Glavina_Channel schrieb am 16.11.2022 um 10:34 Uhr

very well done - ciao da sandro

Sandro Glavina is an italian composer, named L'Uomo e L'Ombra. The choice of the name derives from the title of the album "L'uomo e l'ombra" of the band "Abstract Music Nuova Esistenza", an experimental group founded by Sandro Glavina together with his friends in the mid-70s.

In the period 2009-2022, L'Uomo e L'Ombra has done 84 albums. The compositions of Sandro Glavina are partly influenced by progressive rock. Sandro has developed a personal style with many experimentations and actualizations. He offers music beyond borders by intertwining different styles in crossover with each other. Prog, psychedelia, classical, post-rock, jazz, pop are some of the influences that dissolve in ambient atmospheres, citations of contemporary music and minimalist nuances. Sandro Glavina aka L'Uomo e L'Ombra plays the music using VSTI synthesizers, keyboards and adds some loops. Sandro isn't a professional musician, composes and plays music just for fun, but his works reach a good outcome, pleasant to listen. L'UOMO E L'OMBRA





franco-galateo schrieb am 16.11.2022 um 11:05 Uhr

particoular but interesting idea compositional... very well


kreativ_music schrieb am 16.11.2022 um 12:50 Uhr

So Beautiful Song 👌👌👌✌️✌️👏👏👉❤️☝️