Speedy Eg - Take Me Home

speedy_eg_5-8. schrieb am 23.09.2018 um 04:32 Uhr
Tags: Videobearbeitung, Animation, Musikvideos, Experimentell, Fotoshow
Breite: 720
Höhe: 576
Dauer: 08:45
Format: x-ms-asf

Obviously a broken relationship and love story. So don't you cry it'll give you lines around your eyes. Great Lyrics from Mrs. Johnette Napolitano (Concret Blonde). Saw the Band 1992 in Germany. I made it a slow Blues with warm Leslie Organ and Floyd Rose Whammy tremolo. Yeah I'm using often my Rosie and I see hardly any more other people using this tremolo. It works up and down. A Stratocaster only down. Clean tunes by Ibanez Artstar 1986 AM BK 80/Korea or AM 300BK/USA. Both very rare now. The Video is chordifying it by Music Maker Harmony Agent. Really simple chords but when you play every string single in variation, it's just not easy to guess them. So it might be a good demonstration. The Song is refering to my age of nearly 63.


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