carluseugenio schrieb am 19.02.2011 um 00:16 Uhr

My second track is behind the first track when i listen to both, it looks like a latency problem yes; but the pdf above does not say anything about it;

gjon9 schrieb am 12.06.2011 um 18:30 Uhr

"My second track is behind the first track when i listen to both, it looks like a latency problem yes; but the pdf above does not say anything about it."   I have the exact same issue. I have two versions of the same song. I want them both to play at the exact same time. I used the metrodome but I can't figure out how to  syc both objects. I figure there should be a click of a something to line-up the two objects (tracks/songs).

GilonWeb schrieb am 15.01.2012 um 10:26 Uhr

You left out adjusting the "Buffer" size to help with latency. Everything in your .Pdf is pretty much taken from the help section of "Music Maker MX".  

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My name is "Gilbert" and I was born in Puerto Rico, but raised on Long Island, NY. I am in my 40s, single, friendly, and down to earth. I am a Veteran of The US Air Force and worked in Civil-Service. I currently live near Charleston, SC. I hope to leave S.C. I left N.Y. to find peace and quiet and friendly people. South Carolinians are too conservative and judgemental ifrom what I have observed. The cost of living is better than most places. I could live anywhere if I met the right person. I love the beach and mountains. If there is anything in particular you want to know about me feel free to ask me. It would be nice to find people that share my interests.

I am a PC & Electronic Technician, Web/Graphic Designer, and Song Writer/Musician.

nichollsmel schrieb am 30.01.2012 um 11:12 Uhr


The information helped to solve latency problems when recording.

annairam schrieb am 11.10.2012 um 07:37 Uhr

I also have had a speed problem after recording track 1 in DAT modus. Trying to record track 2, the playback from track 1 was faster. Making some tests, I’ve found out that if I record the 2nd track in CD-modus the playback speed of track1 went back to normal. Recording in CD-modus is a bit noisier but hardly recognizable by adding more tracks to the arrangement.

gabanoto45 schrieb am 15.11.2013 um 18:24 Uhr

Hello there, I have Music maker MX but my problem is that I cannot hear a playback while I'm recording. I checked the "Playback while recording" box, but still can't hear playback. I am using Realtek HD sound driver. Tried to install ASIO driver but it did not work either. I can playback  what I have recorded but can't hear during recording. Your advices is highly appreciated. Thanks....

harper1875 schrieb am 01.02.2014 um 22:57 Uhr

If I select ASIO driver as recommended, I no longer hear any audio when I press keys.  The latency is driving me mad - I should have known better than to buy another Magix product as every single one seems to require endless fixes.

thorsak schrieb am 29.10.2019 um 12:02 Uhr


I'm pretty new to SAMPLITUDE Studio Pgm. and have latency problem using my Nectar MIDI-controller - how to make correct adjustments?

Many thanks for any help...!

nihon94 schrieb am 29.10.2019 um 16:02 Uhr

You are using very old post therefore, you may not get answer, better ask the same question again in your new post.

Unfortunately this forum has changed a lot. Good luck.

PS. I found a new link and posting here use that may be you get some help.