gospelbj1 ha scritto il 01.12.2015 ore 05:05

Alright Stu....go on with ya bad self!  Jazz, R&B, Funk all mixed into one.  I love this   The changeover at 1:38 and 2:41...I'm speechless.  What a great piece and what a great job you did with the soundpools.

I'm impressed Stu.  I don't know what else you've been hiding, but I'm on to you now buddy! 

I give you 5***** and an add to my faves.


Vecchio utente ha scritto il 01.12.2015 ore 07:06

Hi Stu:

I'm with you all the way with this!  The sights and sounds of "After Midnight" on my avenue.  I like the musings of the female vocalist(s).  This is very easy on the aural senses, good buddy.

As my pal, Brenda says, you done a bang up job with arranging the sounds. 

Good hearing your offerings again...


Vecchio utente ha scritto il 01.12.2015 ore 10:08

good piece of jazz music, very pleasant and I would say well built.
all rhythm and the melody is very beautiful and refined.
I listened with great pleasure that your jazz performances.


Vecchio utente ha scritto il 01.12.2015 ore 10:58

tis track of the jazz music is very good

instrumental ensemble perfect



HellRaiser ha scritto il 01.12.2015 ore 16:35

Nice little piece of relaxing jazz music. Great job *****

Farstom ha scritto il 01.12.2015 ore 18:13

it comes on good way

cool music

well done

i like it

Modificato l'ultima volta da Farstom il 01.12.2015, 18:13, Modificato in totale 1-volte.

I know nothing about music. Only listened .. Using technology also makes possible for me to be able to make music.

  I am also into photography amateur.

I'm not here for stars score but coment with advice for improvement of my music.

at my coment on music of others, I remain honest. this must be mutual .

I give my voice just as public and not as someone who knows something from music.

 I'm open to all criticism. I want to learn something



Nickillus ha scritto il 01.12.2015 ore 19:49

Well find out why, and do it again, Stuallan.  This is great.  Super laid back jazz that leaves a very nice, mellow taste in the mouth.  Stars and favourited.


Frantzi ha scritto il 01.12.2015 ore 23:02

Like this "shortcut" of your possibillities...
But it doesn´t "come out this way"
it´s well calculated...
Can´t give any stars...

gerrycix ha scritto il 02.12.2015 ore 01:08

Hello Stuart ,

Very fine ...jazz sound !

Great work my friend !

Ciao David

DanielsAnimations2014 ha scritto il 02.12.2015 ore 05:36

Ahhh, jazz... Very catchy, indeed! 


Dan P. Lyons

AtomicFusion ha scritto il 02.12.2015 ore 09:15

Hey Stu,
Jazz is not one of my favorites ... but the way it is done is very cool.
I like to hear my friend


TrishM ha scritto il 02.12.2015 ore 15:23

Hey Stu.

You don't put a bunch of stuff on here but when you do, you cut to the chase!  

First....I love the retro keyboard with the wah-wah and the muted trumpet.  Very good jazz tune and great instrument sounds.

This will definitely end up "on the charts" and in my favs too


ballabarr ha scritto il 02.12.2015 ore 18:00

Hi Stu long time no see i hope u r fealing god
it came out real god,nice drums
This time it was very close that my hart close down
it was superspeed to the hospital whit ambulance
my hart hade a  170-180 bpm normaly it take
35 - 40 min to Malmö whit normal speed but it
was 10-15 min this time take care
and i will start listning to your grate songs again
Best reg Ballabarr

Modificato l'ultima volta da ballabarr il 02.12.2015, 18:00, Modificato in totale 1-volte.

Im from sweden 55 year's young play 4 instruments,(Drums is my main instr) guitarr,keybords,and some bassand im learning to play faceorgan (Harmonica) I make my musc self.I love icehockey and soocer,bean to cooking school,bean a sailor for 10 years,but not anymore hade my last ship 1993 and i miss that job  (cargoship) see the world and get pay'd for it,that's nice

(Pleace wright in english if u can no requirement just a wishes)

NorbertSN ha scritto il 02.12.2015 ore 19:58

Great track.

Jazz in it's relaxed form - I love the sax and the trumpets.

Wonderfully done...


JuanIsidoro ha scritto il 02.12.2015 ore 22:23

Hi Stu

you've got an elegant and inventive music......congrats

Modificato l'ultima volta da JuanIsidoro il 02.12.2015, 22:23, Modificato in totale 1-volte.


Me llamo Juan Isidoro. Soy de Sevilla al sur de España.Trabajo en un camion y hago musica por placer.

Espero que os guste.

My name is juan Isidoro. I’m from Seville in southern Spain.
Working a truck and do music for pleasure.I hope you like.



tgfmusica ha scritto il 02.12.2015 ore 22:43

Traccia piacevole e ben sviluppata, mi piace, 5* da tgfmusica, Gianfranco, ciao

-Celina-Neatly- ha scritto il 04.12.2015 ore 20:44

Awesome...  thanks... good music.. And i say now soothing music, simply helps me to drift into calmness amidst a hectic world. Nice to hear.

All the best. Regards...

Maboe ha scritto il 05.12.2015 ore 11:07

Very relaxed and cool, I enjoyed this song very much.


MuggeMaker ha scritto il 09.12.2015 ore 07:26

Funny jazzy piece .. i like this. 

The sax is pretty nice!

info4u2 ha scritto il 12.12.2015 ore 03:15

Love this, unusual, remmerable, brilliant mix of instruments, tempo, tension, relaxing sounds. Could listen repeadly without getting bored.



Beamish-Spartano ha scritto il 14.12.2015 ore 19:39

Sehr schöne  abwechslungsreiche Jazz Musik mit sehr schöne Instrumenten Auswahl,

klasse Musikarbeit und klasse vocals einsatz,

sehr gerne abgehört,

Lg, von Joachim. Fav.

Modificato l'ultima volta da Beamish-Spartano il 14.12.2015, 19:39, Modificato in totale 1-volte.

Hallo Musikfreunde,  jeder hat mal Probleme mit das Abmischen seine Musik der eine weniger als der Andere, ich Biete euch an für ein Kleine Betrag, das Abmischen eure Musik zu Übernehmen, bei Interesse bitte Hier oder in mein Solo Profil Anmelden, Alles andere werde ich euch bei Interesse Informieren, herzlichen Gruß Spartano!  

WtraatW ha scritto il 19.12.2015 ore 23:10

Salut Stu ,

Je suis un peu en retard ( santé ) ...

Super Jazz et très bon travail et j'ai aimé !  Bravo 

Cordial André 

ps= Joyeux Noêl !  

nafets. ha scritto il 22.12.2015 ore 08:32

ich habe kaum bis keine ahnung vom jazz.

doch was ich höre,hört sich sehr gefällig an.

sicher sehr gelungen,wie gesagt habe keine ahnung vom jazz !

schöne weihnachten Stuart !

wir hören


Pat_02 ha scritto il 19.02.2016 ore 14:43

Très belle composition et originale une nouvelle fois extrêmenent agréable à écouter,

 çà ! c'est de la musique même si çà reste assez Jazz, un style que je n'écoute pas souvent parce que ce n'est pas mon style de prédilection.

je dirais qu'il y a aussi dans votre musique du JAZZ ROCK, çà par contre j'adore.