Sound forge 13 stability?

geoffrey-collier wrote on 04/11/2019, 20:20

I have SF 12 and it regularly hoses my audio. I'll have a bunch of files open and I'll discover that at some SF has put empy "holes" in a file (dead space). It does this to the underlying file, so it is not recoverable without a backup. Has anyone experienced this? Does it happen in SF13? In general, is 13 more stable than 12? I don't want to pay a large upgrade fee to find behaviors like this. I have been using SF forever, but I'm ready to switch.


rraud wrote on 06/11/2019, 17:24

I have not experienced that behavior in Pro 12 or 13. (WIn 10) I do not recall others stating that either. Have you tried a uninstall/reinstall using a third-party uninstaller which removes left-over reg entries, the the Win uninstaller leaves behind.

geoffrey-collier wrote on 06/11/2019, 18:16

Hmmmm....sounds like a nuisance. I had another headache with SF in the past, where I had to go back to an earlier version. I'm in windows 7, I don't know if that makes a difference. If I upgrade, do you recommend a complete uninstall of V11 and V12 first?

rraud wrote on 06/11/2019, 20:54

No need to uninstall previous versions They coexist without issue.The same goes for Vegas,

geoffrey-collier wrote on 07/11/2019, 04:02

OK, thanks!