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  1. Commented

    Problems with Trial of SLP 4, "Device Error 1"

    I changed the folder locations in my preferences, and then SLP 4 would no longer work. I get "Device Error #1" Open Error: no samplerate or channels available (48000,0,0). When I try to play audio, I get "Device Error #2" "API not initialized". Problem seems to be related to my WASAPI device. It is selected, and the correct output device is selected (analog), but there are no channel mappings available for it. (tried the digital outputs too - no channel mappings available). Tried SLP 3, and no problem at all. Changed device from WASAPI to ASIO and then back to WASAPI and the channel number mappings are fine. Of course there is no way to file a technical support request against SLP 4, even if it weren't the trial version. (they apparently don't think SLP is their product on the support page). Don't think I'll upgrade to SLP 4. Not ready for primetime yet.

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  2. Commented

    Multicam error - not enough tracks available

    I have followed the steps exactly, I have tried reloading the project as new. The error message is: There are not enough tracks available for multicam mode. Increase the number of tracks. Please help.

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  3. Created:

    How to reset Samplitude Pro X ?

    Hi, is there a way to do a full reset of the settings without re-install ?Thanks you in advance     

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  4. Commented

    in midi editor, i am unable to "resize" individual notes

    I know it's something I did, but I don't know how to stop it. My problem is in Samplitude music studio 14, I also have 15 and I don't have the problem there, and I'm checking and re-checking the settings, they are similiar, so I'm not understanding why when I put my mouse over an individual note, it only let's me move the note to a different grid, it doesn't let me make it longer. Now, when I go to the top and select "half note" "whole note" etc, it changes ALL of my notes to that. I just want ONE note to be a whole note... OK hopefully this makes sense. Please help.

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