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    What is VitaMultiUpdater.exe and is it strictly updating Magix s/w? My notification area in Windows 10 indicates it is on pause.

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    Vita Sampler crashing Music Maker

    Vita Sampler consistently crashes the "MusicMaker.exe" application when attempting to use the ALT key to change the size of the assigned slices of small 1.6MB WAV and OGG files. OS=Windows 10 Pro,  Music Maker v24.1.4.75 (UPD3). Assuming this is a software bug. If not I'd appreciate a verification if this works for OK (as described in the manual) for anyone else running Windows 10 Pro with Music Maker v24.1.4.75 (UPD3)

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    Conflict between Wav files and creating a Wav Music CD

    I am using Audio Cleaning Lab 2013 ( I captured music files from an LP record as Wav files. I exported these to make a Wav format CD (or attempted to). The CD window part of the program was set at MP3 format (must be the default setting). I could not change this to Wav format as it was "gray-out" Why is this? My details: Windows 10, Intel Core I7, Gigabyte Ultra motherboard in other words a powerful, fast PC!.

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    Trouble installing third party VST instruments.

    Hi there. I just picked up Music Maker Premium (2017?). I'm running Windows 10. I found some interesting virtual instruments from Alan Vista (http://www.alanvista.com/marimbaphonic/) and I downloaded them. After looking around at the Magix blog and this forum, I put them in a directory and pointed Music Maker at said directory in the settings (and using the 'add new instrument' dialog, too.) The instrument window refreshes, but my new instruments don't show up. I have a couple questions:1.) Are there limitations on where I can put them? I chose an existing Music Maker directory that seemed to also contain the included Magix instruments. (C:\Users\Public\Documents\MAGIX\Common\MxSynth)2.) The download from Alan Vista unzipped into a format I'm unfamiliar with (I'm brand new to music software). I'm wondering if I need to arrange it differently. For examble: BellsEbuth unzipped into BellsEbuth_x64 (folder) BellsEbuth.dll BellsEbuth.instrument (folder)BellsEbuth.mse I've both left the BellsEbuth folder as it is in the MxSynth directory, and extracted the BellsEbuth.dll so it's in the MxSynth directory. None of this seems to make the new instruments appear. Any advice is appreciated.

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