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  1. Created:

    Stuck on trial expired splash screen

    After I enter my serial number it says it is going to upgrade my sound forge pro 11 but it just cycles back to the trial has expired splash. What am I doing wrong?

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  2. Commented

    Crashing Software

    I recently downloaded Magix Movie Edit Pro 2016 Plus and upon beginning my first movie, the program has crashed at least 4 times. I am using an HP Pavilion laptop, with Intel Core i3-4030U CPU @1.90GHz. I have 6 GB of RAM, 64-bit Operating system, x64-based processor and Windows 10. The error says: MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2016 Plus  28.01.2017  17:22----------------------------------------------------------------------CrashDump 20170128_172222_v15.0.0.90.dmp successfully written Error in module "Videodeluxe.exe" (Load address: 0x0000000140000000) to address 0x00007FFF412F18B7 (Exception 0xc0000005 "ACCESS_VIOLATION") Unknown Thread   (ThreadID: 00002590)  00007fff412f18af   2a 06 66 0f 38 2a 4e 10   00007fff412f18b7 > 66 0f 38 2a 56 20 66 0f   00007fff412f18bf   38 2a 5e 30 66 0f 7f 07  Main Thread  fffffffffffffff8   ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??   0000000000000000 > ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??   0000000000000008   ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??  Videodeluxe.exe    17.12.2015  04:12      88a230e7 Please help! I literally can't use this program.

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  3. Commented

    Border around text, learning Movie Studio 14

    Hi guys, Today I started to learn to use Movie Studio 14. I started with a concept from my head of a little video intro. I added a title to that video, which is moving in an animation, from the bottom to the top. The next step, which I wanted to achieve, was to add a border/frame around that text, which moves together with my title. This is where I'm struggling. I didn't find a way to add a regular border. Is this even possible? I would appreciate if someone could give me some tips. Thanks.

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  4. Commented

    The installation of MAGIX Music Maker problems...

    I just discovered that MAGIX Music Maker has now become free. While in the installation transfer, I was at 99% done, and I get this message...     "An error occurred during transfer which caused the installation to stop. This problem can most likely be fixed by restarting the transfer of the installer application. If you experience further problems, contact the MAGIX support.http://support.magix.com Click "OK" to restart the installation transfer."   How does that happen?   Thanks in advance.

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