Community rules – our netiquette 

When a lot of people come together in a place like the MAGIX Community, it's important to lay down a few ground rules to ensure a high-quality experience for everyone. The following rules apply to  

We reserve the right to change to the community rules at any time. We will inform you of such changes within a reasonable amount of time before they go into effect.

1. This is a community – not a competition

Respect the opinions and views of other members of the community.Insults, coarse language, and harassment of any kind toward other community members is forbidden. Avoid provoking other members and keep your comments factual and objective.Angry posts written to blow of steam will be deleted. Members of the community who write such posts will be warned. Repeat violations will result in removal from the community.  

2. Ask meaningful, friendly questions

  1. Make your posts and questions as friendly and understandable as possible. 
  2. If you ask a question about a specific MAGIX software product or online service, remember to include information about your hardware, operating system and the specific software version you are using, including the version number (e.g. Movie Edit Pro 2015).
  3. is a free service for questions and conversations about multimedia. However, is not a replacement for professional support and is not an official support service. For this reason, it is possible that your questions and posts may not receive responses. If this happens, try writing your post in a different way. Making your posts friendly and clear can work wonders. 
  4. The editors and moderators of can provide you with tips for using the service , and they also watch the community and moderate discussions. However, they are not official MAGIX Support staff members. If you don't receive an answer to your question, get in touch with MAGIX Support at: They will be more than happy to help you. 

Note: The editors and moderators of this website reserve the right to edit content in order to change the arrangement of information on topics, to avoid provocations and to formulate questions in a more precise manner. We appreciate your understanding. 

3. Avoid repeat or meaningless topics

Many problems have already been discussed in the community, and solutions are already available for them. We recommend using the search feature to look for an answer to your question before making a new post. This helps the forum remain uncluttered and cuts down on the number of posts with the same or nearly the same content. Cross posting, i.e. spreading around the same entry in multiple categories, should be avoided.

Do not make posts that lack informative input. This includes posts that consist of only 1 to 3 words (e.g. to acknowledge the post before you) or posts that only contain emoticons. The editors and moderators will delete these types of posts if they become aware of them. Unnecessary quotes may also be shortened or deleted completely. In the end, most people want to find the right information as quickly as possible and not have to read through a wall of smiley faces first.   

4. Advertising + Spam

Use of the community for commercial purposes of any kind is forbidden. Sending SPAM emails is also forbidden.

5. Promotion of illegal copies and illegal downloads, and pornographic, racist, or discriminating contributions

Requesting, promoting, advertising, and linking to copyright-protected material for illegal purposes is strictly forbidden. Linking to, advertising, and displaying pornographic material will not be tolerated. Entries which incite racial hatred or provoke seditious actions may be punishable by law. Discrimination against minorities will not be tolerated.

6. Directives – Noncompliance

Please follow instructions provided by our editors and moderators. We want to keep the quality of discussions at a consistently high level and prevent content which is offensive to users, MAGIX employees and moderators.Those who use the forums as a personal venting ground, as well as those who repeatedly cause trouble, will face consequences for doing so. 

Harassing other members may be met with warnings, temporary bans or complete removal from the community by the editors and moderators. Private messages should also be written in an appropriate tone. 


7. Double registration

Multiple registrations made by one and the same person are not permitted. This results in confusion, false evaluation results, and mistrust among users. The administrators reserve the right to delete accounts which can be verified as doubles.

8. Exceptions to the rule

In individual cases which have not been covered by the rules described above, the administrators and monitors will make decisions based on the relevant facts.

9. Names

Publishing or mentioning the names of MAGIX employees in your posts is not permitted.

We hope you have a fun and educational experience on

For legal questions, please refer to the Terms & Conditions.