What is the difference between Samplitude Producer 11.5 and the new Samplitude Music Studio 2013?

steveunkles wrote on 22/10/2012, 19:09

Just wondering which version I should get.  11.5 looked great.  I waited for the upgrade and would like to start on some projects in the next months.  It looks like they might have put more effort into getting the MX fuctions to work with other Magix software than to develop this software for it's own sake.  So I wonder if it is more similar to Music Maker now, and less advanced in other ways.  The price is a lot lower, even the more advanced of the 2 current versions at $99 is half the $199 that 11.5 was.

I'm looking to work on songs and acoustic sound sources, but also incorporate a lot of experimentation with midi and other technology/effects.  I mostly want everything to sound like real instruments, though, even if some are not.  I like things simple, but with a lot of advanced capability under the hood.  11.5 seemed like a good fit, but this new version seems like a very different product rather than an update of 11.5.

Does anyone have experience with both products or can shed light on the differences between them?


johnebaker wrote on 22/10/2012, 19:22


Why not try the trial download available here

UK    http://www.magix.com/gb/free-download/

US    http://www.magix.com/us/free-download/

Also if you intend to public broadcast or sell your creations you will need the Porfessional licence for any Soundpools you use  see these EULA






fetter339 wrote on 05/11/2012, 01:50

The trial version really threw me for a loop. I've spent some serious $$$ and still have a fraction of the functionality the demo had. Don't be fooled!!! The Sam demo that I got was the full-blown version... I popped $60 for that as I thought it would be a great deal... Then I realized that after showing me a demo of Samplitude, the download was MAGIX samplitude... very limited functionality! I requested a refund so that I could buy Sam 2013 and Magix gave me a prompt refund. I even spoke with a rep about my problem and told him what I planned to do. Now Samplitude 2013 can't even sync up clips or objects that are not soundpool files. I'll bet that if you were to download the demo for Magix Samplitude today, it would be the same full-blown version. I've never felt so reipped off in my life!!! I guess I'm struggling to find the value in the $99.00 I've spent but now I think it's just time for me to cut my losses and move on!!

johnebaker wrote on 05/11/2012, 08:28


Are you comparing the correct software - there are two versions of Samplitude 

 - Samplitude Music Studio 2013 here     http://www.magix.com/us/samplitude-music-studio/ 

 - Samplitude Pro X here     http://www.magix.com/us/samplitude/     

The demo version and full version for each of the two Samplitudes are the same you only add the serial number when you purchase.