Activating content packs


  • . Video deluxe


  • . Download & installation

To activate a content pack, you'll need the G3 number (G3-*****-*****-*****-****) you received after your purchase. If you can't find this number, sign in to your Service Center account to retrieve it.

Service Center

To activate your content pack(s), follow these steps:

  1. Open Movie Edit Pro. 
  2. Go to "Help" > "Activate content pack(s)...". 
  3. Enter your G3 number in the dialog box and click to confirm.
  4. You can now activate your content in the Store.

Your coupon code is linked to your account and can be used immediately.
Open the "Templates" tab and select "Store" to view the available content.

Plug-ins can be downloaded by going to the "Effects" tab and selecting "Extra Effects".

Once the download has finished, you should see the serial number and the name of the downloaded plug-in on the right.

Scroll down in the effects list until you come to the plug-in.

To use the plug-in, click "Activate" on the right. Once the activation has finished, you can use the plug-in.