[Archived] "Arm for Record" button missing


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The "Arm for Record" button is located in the track header on the left side of each track. Arming a track prepares it for recording. If you don't see the Arm for Record button, the track headers are probably minimized and the controls for the tracks are hidden.

  • Place your mouse cursor over the line between the track header and the track. The cursor should turn into a double arrow. Click and drag the line to the right to enlarge the track headers.

Check the following items as well:

  1. You may not have an audio device selected, or your sound card might not be detecting the microphone or line-in cable. Make sure that your microphone or line-in cable is connected to the right input on your PC.
  2. Also make sure that Windows is correctly detecting your sound card. You can do this by going to the Control Panel and opening the "Sound" settings. In the "Recording" tab, select the correct recording device. Now, open the software again and go to "Options" > "Preferences" > "Audio Device" to select which audio device type to use.
  • If you plan to record over one of the inputs on the onboard sound card, select "Microsoft Sound Mapper".
  • To use an external USB or Firewire interface for recording, select either "Windows Classic Wave Driver" or the specific ASIO driver for your device.