Rendering Settings for Blu-ray Discs



  • . Import & export

A Blu-ray Disc consists of a video and an audio stream.

Make sure that both streams are stored in the same folder and with the same name.

In "DVD Architect", you only need to import the video stream, the audio stream will be imported automatically.

Select one of the following format for rendering the video: 

USA: "MainConcept MPEG 2 Blu-ray 1920x1080-60i, 25 Mbps video stream"
EU : "MainConcept MPEG 2 Blu-ray 1920x1080-50i, 25 Mbps video stream"

Select one of the following formats for rendering the audio:

Dolby Digital AC-3 (*.ac3) (Stereo or 5.1 Surround)
Wave (Microsoft) (*.wav) 48,000 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo, PCM wave file

In DVD Architect, you can change the project properties accordingly so that they match the settings of your video and audio formats. To do this, select "Properties" from the "File" menu.

  1. Insert the clips into "DVD Architect" that you have created with VEGAS Pro or Movie Studio. To do this, select "Insert > Media" and navigate to the rendered clips.
  2. Select the option "Make Blu-ray Disc" from the toolbar in DVD Architect.