Troubleshooting recording problems with the MAGIX video converter


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To fix this problem, we recommend the following guidelines:

  • Before starting to record, unplug all USB devices from your computer which are not needed for the recording (except for your keyboard and mouse) to avoid any device conflicts.
  • Do not use a USB hub. 
  • Connect the USB video converter directly to your computer (do not use a USB extension cable). 
  • If you have been using the USB ports on the front of your PC until now, try connecting the video converter to one of the ports on the back.
  • The video converter should be connected using the RCA cable (i.e. the cable with the red, white and yellow connectors on it). 
  • The switch on the SCART adapter should be set to "out".
  • In the program, the USB recording device needs to be selected as the video driver, and the recording channel needs to be set to "Composite".

If the problem persists, please install the latest driver for your USB video converter:

Black video converter

Red video converter

  1. Save the archive to your PC, then extract the contents of the archive to a folder on your PC.  
  2. Before installing the drivers, pause all security programs on your PC (firewall, antivirus).
  3. Open the extracted folder and run setup.exe as an administrator by right-clicking the file and selecting "Run as administrator". 

If drivers are already installed on your PC, select "Remove" and restart the installation.

  1. After installing the driver, run the software as an administrator and reset the program to its default settings. 
  2. Under "File > Settings..." you will find the option "Reset program settings to default".
  3. Please try to create a new recording using the USB device and your MAGIX program.
  4. If the recordings are not stable, please click on the button "Advanced View" and activate the option "Optimize for older and low-performance computers".
  5. Please also make sure that the audio driver selected in the menu is the driver variant that does not have a "(WDM)" behind it.